Beko Eat Fresh Everyday Competition

Posted on Mon, December 05, 2016


To help you keep healthy and cool this summer, Beko are giving away Fruit Only vouchers when you purchase selected Beko fridges. 


Purchase any Beko NeoFrost Side by Side French Door Refrigerator and recieve 2x $100 (Total value $200) Fruit Only vouchers OR any NeoFrost™ Top Mount or Bottom Mount Refrigerator and receive a $100 Fruit Only voucher.


Beko's NeoFrost™ Dual Cooling technology helps maintain optimum cooling conditions, so food can stay fresh for longer. With two separate cooling systems it maintains high humidity in the fridge whilst the freezer stays dry, frozen and frost-free. What's more, with two fans there are no odour transfers between the fridge and the freezer keeping the quality of the air inside at maximum levels.





Promotion dates 21st November, 2016 - 29th January, 2017. For full terms and conditions, click here.

See e&s's full range of Beko Fridges online or at one of our eight showrooms around Victoria. Find your closest showroom here.


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Top tips on cooking the perfect barbecue with Matt Swindells of Tasman Butchers

Posted on Fri, December 02, 2016

Matt Swindells, CEO of Tasman Butchers and Melbourne’s meat maestro, chats to e&s about what to look for when buying a barbecue and tips and tricks for cooking outdoors.

Summer is officially here and that means it’s time to crank up the barbecue and embrace alfresco cooking and dining. Growing up in England, Matt says he is a proud convert to the Aussie barbecue and cooks this way at least twice a week, all year round. “It’s the easiest and cleanest way to cook,” he says.

TB_Matt Swindells.jpg 
Matt Swindells, CEO of Tasman Butchers

As someone who knows his meat and cooking on a barbecue, here are his top tips on what to look for when buying a barbecue – and importantly, the best way to cook meat on one.  

Picking a barbecue that’s right for you

"Know your requirements and your budget, but let yourself be inspired by what’s around. I’m amazed at the range of barbecues and add-on accessories that are available these days. At a bare minimum, you’ll need a strong gas barbecue with a hood and a temperature gauge, and the rest is really up to you.”

"A good option is a three or four burner all grill barbecue. Some of these might include an infrared rotisserie burner which allows you to grill and golden meats such as turkeys, chickens or lamb – great for Christmas.”

bgb36-bqar-n.jpg                                                       Image: DCS 36” All Grill  

"If you’re a convert to cooking outdoors, consider something like the BeefEater Artisan Outdoor BBQ Unit. I’ve got this at home and have never looked back. It’s a four burner barbecue built into a granite top, complete with an outdoor kitchen and sink. I cook, roast and smoke everything on there including steak, sausages, whole chickens, whole fish, chips and vegetables – to name just a few."

  Image: BeefEater Artisan Outdoor BBQ Unit with complete kitchen module

Barbecue cooking 101

"Now you’ve got your barbecue covered, it’s time to start cooking. Here are some simple tips for barbecuing the perfect steak. Follow these steps and I guarantee you’ll have the neighbours coming back for more".

  • Make sure you’ve brought your meat down to room temperature before you put it on the BBQ – this will ensure it is cooked evenly
  • Oil the meat, not the BBQ – this will make sure the meat doesn’t stick to the grill
  • Add salt after you’ve cooked the meat – salting the meat before will only dry it out
  • Turn the meat twice, first on the BBQ and again when you take it off – the juices are drawn down to the hottest side, so flip the steak over when you take it off the BBQ and the juices will run back through the meat
  • Get the sequencing right – some items take longer than others so make sure you plan what needs to go on first
  • Have a cold beer on hand throughout the process

See e&s's full range of BBQ's at one of their eight showrooms around Victoria. Find your closest showroom here.


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e&s Summer Sale

Posted on Fri, December 02, 2016


To keep you cool this summer, e&s are offering you these great deals on selected fridges. 

Receive $100 Trade-In when you spent $1000 on a fridge from Electrolux, Fisher & Paykel, Leibherr, Smeg and Westinghouse. 

To top that off, you can also use this deal in conjunction with current cash back deals from Electrolux, Westinghouse and Leibherr


For more information visit your nearest showroom

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10 Tips To Reduce The Cost of Air Conditioning

Posted on Wed, November 30, 2016

As the temperature rises, so too does your electricity bill. But does it really have to be that way? Sure, there are some days when you simply can't avoid turning on the air conditioning - but with a bit of thought, you can beat the heat without breaking the bank. And by reducing the energy you use, you are also reducing carbon emissions - so you can feel good about helping to save the environment for future generations. 

With the weater warming up, De'Longhi released their 10 tips to help reduce the cost of air conditioning.

NEWSPAPERS GRADIENT MITSUB.jpg       Image: Panasonic Z series CS/CU-Z9RKR

1. You've heard of location, location, location - but what about insulation, insulation, insulation? If you've got the aircon pumping, but if there are gaps under your doors and around your windows, then you're cooling the outside as well as the inside of your house, making your aircon work harder and use more energy. There is a myriad of ways to better insulate your home; but at the most basic level, you can buy inexpensive window and door insulation kits at your local hardware store. 

2. By setting your air conditioner on 24 or 25 degrees, you can save a significant amount of enery without your system running constantly. Find a balance between comfort and efficiency of the unit. For each 1°C of cooling that you do without, you can save considerably on the amount of energy consumed. 

3. Choose an air conditioner with better energy efficiency features. Models with water to air functions splash water over the condenser to cool it down.

KSD35HRG_Prints.jpgImage: Kelvinator C3.5kW H4.0kW Reverse Cycle Split System

4. Keep your air conditioner spick and span. If the unit is coated in a thick layer of dust, it stands to reason that it will use more energy to pump air through. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to give it a good clean at the start and end of the summer season.

5. Don’t run devices that warm your home. Leave the laundry, ironing, washing and dishwasher until the evening when it’s cooler. And obviously don’t crank up the cooking appliances. All these devices will warm the place up, making your aircon work harder to cool it down again.

6. Try cooling your body before you turn on the AirCon. Before you crank up the aircon, drink an icy cold drink, strip off a layer of clothing, run your wrists under the cold tap or pop an icepack on the back of your neck.

 shutterstock_211603150.jpgImage: Mitsubishi Electric MSZ_GL Series. MSZ-GL50/60VGD

7. Create natural shade around your home, especially your windows. Windows can let a lot of heat in, and preventing the sun from reaching your windows is more cost effective than dealing with the heat once it’s there. Trees and shrubs can be planted to provide shade, while planting creepers to grow over a pergola can create a shaded outdoor area to enjoy.

8. Close your shades. White window blinds keep your rooms light enough to see what you’re doing, while reducing the heat in the room considerably. Open up your blinds and windows in the evening when the cooler air begins to circulate.

9. If you have ceiling fans, use them. Freestanding fans can also be used to move cool air around, making the most of your air conditioning.

10. Turn off the AC when you leave the house. Don’t leave your aircon running when you go out. It’s a bit of an urban myth that leaving it running will somehow be cheaper. It’s definitely much cheaper to turn it off, and then turn it on again when you need it.

Visit your nearest showroom for these products and more. 

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Trending Bathroom Appliances

Posted on Fri, November 25, 2016

The technology of bathrooms appliances are constantly evolving. With companies merging style and practicality of appliances, bathrooms are becoming a room which we want to spend more time in.

To showcase some of these examples, we partnered up again with our friends at Homely to tell them all about trending bathroom appliances.

Kohler Moxie Shower Head

Moxie Shower Head.jpg

Image: Moxie Kohler Shower Head

Award winning Kohler Moxie Showerhead has a wireless speaker in which delivers up to 7 hours of music by pairing wirelessly with your device through Bluetooth technology.  

These showerheads are available in 5” and 8” as well as 2.0gpm or a 2.5gpm spray. Moxie lets you save water without sacrificing performance, and with a silicone sprayface, the showerhead has an easy surface to clean, avoiding any mineral buildup.

Find out more about this showerhead from e&s CEO Rob Sinclair here .

Bathroom Butler Heated Towel Rail

Bathroom Butler.jpg
Image: Bathroom Butler Heated Tower Rail

Isn’t it the best feeling coming out of the bath or shower and having a warm towel there waiting for you? Bathroom Butler Heated Towel Rails range provides deliciously warm, dry towels and beautiful storage solutions.

All Bathroom Butler’s heated towel rails are manufactured from a high quality stainless steel which prevents rusting, flaking, chipping, peeling and staining. This steel is also non easy to clean and does not collect bacteria.

Coming in a range of designs and sizes, there will be a rail which will suit your bathroom .

AXOR LampShower

Axor Showerhead.jpg
Image: AXOR Lampshower

Who would have thought that you could introduce an element of your living room into your bathroom? The Axor Lampshower unites water and light together in perfect harmony.

This showerhead has won multiple international awards and was inspired by a floor lamp. Even though at first glance this showerhead looks like a lamp, on closer inspection you find that it offers a one-of-a-kind showering experience

Available to wall-mount or on the ceiling, the Axor Lampshower is available is special finishes such as gold, refined to suit personal style.

Kohler Veil Intelligent Toilet

Kohler Veil Intelligent.jpgImage: Kohler Veil Intelligent Toilet

Once in a while, something comes along which makes you wonder how you ever lived without it.

Kohler’s new Veil Wall-Hung Intelligent Toilet offers the perfect balance of form and function, encapsulating the essence of the modern intelligent toilet with all the benefits and features sought out by designers and users alike.

The standout features of this amazing intelligent toilet include:

  • Multiple flushing options for the ultimate in hygiene: auto-flush, touchless flush or flush via the remote control.
  • The remote control fits easily in your hand for one-touch control
  • The integrated bidet features multiple wash functions with heated drier to complete the experience.
  • Superior hygiene- the bidet wand is cleaned with sterilised water after each use and automatically sanitises with UV light every 24 hours.


Find out more about these products at your local e&s showroom today.



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Ideas to update your bathroom with Romy Alwill

Posted on Mon, November 21, 2016

e&s Ambassador, interior designer, and a regular on shows like The Block, Reno Rumble and The Living Room, Romy Alwill was recently interviewed by Herald Sun Home magazine on what you need to consider before building, renovating or updating your bathroom. She also gave her ideas on how to update your bathroom, even if you’re not undergoing a complete renovation.

“Building, renovating or updating an existing bathroom is definitely worth it. We spend so much time in our bathroom; a simple update of existing fittings and features, or a whole renovation, can turn that space into a place of indulgence,” says Romy.

Before you start your bathroom project, Romy’s biggest tip is to plan ahead, and not just get stuck in. If you set out a plan, you can visualise the end result and there’s less room for unplanned surprises as you go along. 


Romy Alwill, e&s Ambassador and interior designer 

Ways to update your bathroom:


With such a beautiful range of tapware available now in range of looks, colours and finishes, updating your taps and mixer is an easy way to update and modernise the look of your entire bathroom. Metallics are on trend and we’re seeing lots of brushed brass and lived-in/organic looking finishes. White and black tapware is also popular, especially in matte finishes. Romy says “the only rule-of-thumb is to ensure tapware is in keeping with the rest of the metal fittings and accessories of the room.”

Kohler Derring-Purist-1.jpg

Kohler Derring Wading Pool Self Rimming Basin and Kohler Purist Purist tapware

Vanities, cabinets and basins

Romy says people are thinking outside the square when it comes to basins, especially mounted on the bench rather than recessed into the vanity. Choosing the right basin and vanity can complement the taps and tiles in your bathroom and complete the whole look. Vanities are about functionality and storage too, so keep that in consideration when selecting this, especially the family bathrooms. Inset mirrored cabinets and double drawer vanities give plenty of space of all your bits and pieces without having to have them on show.

E&S-EBentleigh-22446.jpg Kohler Chalice Round Vessel Basin 420mm 14800A0


Although the toilet doesn't usually take centre stage in a bathroom, with a huge range available in terms of style, shape, comfort and water efficiency, you are sure to find one suitable for your needs. Romy recommends a wall-hung toilet with the cistern hidden behind the wall as a good way to keep things sleek, simple and subtle. e&s stocks a wide range of styles to suit your bathroom’s design aesthetic and complement your other bathroom fittings. Your budget will determine the style of toilet available to you, from the basic suites to the more luxury wall hung style. 

Brodware Halo - Brushed Rose Gold.jpg

Brodware Halo Three Piece Wall Basin Set in Brushed Rose Gold Finish

Showers and screens

A showerhead is another easy product to update or consider in your bathroom. If you've got the space you can consider a double showerhead and just like your tapware, they are available in a range of colours and finishes. Romy says "guys tend to love rain showers because they don't mind getting their hair wet, while women prefer a wall shower - having both, pleases both." As the bathroom is often a smaller space, she recommends a glass showerscreen which doesn't break up the flow of the room.


*AXOR - Axor Citterio E shower set with Raindance Select S 120 3 jet hand shower
Axor is exclusive to e&s. 


A bath doesn't only have to be enjoyed on holidays. For apartment living it might not be practical to have a bath, but if you're renovating and there's space for one or it's already existing, then Romy recommends keeping it (especially if you have kids). Choosing what type of bath – built-in or freestanding – will come down to the space you have, if there's flexibility around where the bath can be placed and aesthetically what look you prefer in your space.

Brodware Kerrianne Jones.jpg                                              Brodware City Plus Mixer,City Plus Mixer, Brodware City Plus Bath Filler                                       

Towel rails

In Melbourne we're constantly battling the colder weather so heated towel rails can be a god-send. With towel ladders becoming increasingly popular, they can save space, show off your towels and heat them all at once. Romy says "the latest trend is a single-tube heated towel rail – it looks fabulous running vertically on the wall next to the vanity."


Hydrotherm Tube Series Single Tube Heated Towel Rail 1000mm High T1CP

Other tips for updating your bathroom? Romy suggests considering your choice of mirrors and light which can make the bathroom feel more spacious, adding texture through tiling, and even considering your choice of bathroom towels and sheet which can instantly add colour.

For all these products and more be sure to visit your nearest e&s showroom.

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Get to know Steam Ovens with Cooking With Steam

Posted on Fri, November 18, 2016

With Combi Steam Ovens becoming a more popular choice of oven, we recently caught up with Paul from Cooking With Steam to find out why more and more people are choosing to add a Combi Steam Ovens into their home and how you can benefit from purchasing an ASKO Combi-Steam Oven. 

Image result for paul mounsey chef                                                  Image: Paul Mounsey - Cooking With Steam 

e&s: What was your first experience like using Steam Ovens?

CWS: Having worked in professional commercial kitchens for 20+ years, I have been fortunate enough to have had many years experience with steam and combi cooking (although on a much larger scale). What impressed me most about the ASKO “Elements” Combi Steam Oven upon first use was the accuracy of the temperature. Low temperature steaming is a cooking process I value and promote whenever possible. I know that when I set an Elements oven for 52˚C, I’ll get precisely that temperature.

e&s: How does the running costs of cooking with steam compare with a traditional oven?

CWS: The best way to address this is to look at something as simple as pre-heating your oven. Traditional ovens can take up to 15-20 minutes to pre-heat. Both the “Elements” Combi Steam and Pyrolitic Ovens can reach a temperature of 200˚C in approx 5 minutes, thus saving power and reducing energy consumption. Steam, by comparison, is even faster. Consider the time required to boil a pot of water, even before adding your ingredients. You can either steam or blanch vegetables in an “Elements” steam oven and be at 100˚C full steam in no time at all.

e&s: What kind of things can you cook in a steam oven?

CWS: This is probably the most frequently asked question I hear. The obvious things are vegetables, fish and chicken. Steam cooking, however, is certainly not limited to those few options. At Cooking with Steam, we’ve devoted hours, days and now years determining what can and can’t be cooked in a combi steam oven and the list of ingredients and dishes is vast, to say the least. We‘ve developed recipes for ‘day to day’ items that can be converted to steam (like our steamed chocolate cake) and we’ve developed complex dishes that might only be cooked infrequently or for special occasions. It’s fair to say that you’re really only limited by your imagination as to what you can cook with steam. The trick is knowing the right temperature to cook at. We bang on about this all the time - all cooking is about time and temperature and steam is not limited to 100˚C.

e&s: What are steam ovens like to clean?

CWS: Like any conventional oven, regular cleaning is the best way to ensure that the cleaning process itself is not arduous. Leave it for too long and you’ll eventually have to put some heavy elbow grease into making your oven shine again. The ASKO “elements” Combi Steam oven “elements” uses pure steam which means the oven cavity stays dry and, therefore, nothing more than a quick wipe of the glass and your oven is clean. With “Elements” the built-in cleaning program will bring the sparkle back to your oven in a fairly effortless way. For caked on grime, from a pork roast, for instance, you can spray on a vinegar, water and bi-carb solution before running the cleaning program and your oven will be back to new in no time. In a word, cleaning a steam oven is – easy!



Image: ASKO 45cm Pyrolytic OvenASKO 45cm Combi-Steam Oven, ASKO 45cm Combi-Micro Oven, ASKO Pro-Series 90cm Induction Cooktop and ASKO Canopy Rangehood. 

e&s: What are the health benefits of cooking with steam?

CWS: The health benefits of steam cooking have been widely documented. Probably the best example would be to look at green vegetables and the comparison between ‘traditional’ cooking vs steam cooking. Blanching green vegetables in a pot of boiling water has been the ‘traditional’ cooking method for eons. Next time you cook green vegetables in a pot of water, take a look at the colour of the water you pour down the sink once you’ve finished cooking. It will have a green tinge representing the nutrients that you just ‘cooked out’ of the food. Steaming keeps the proteins and nutrients in the vegetables, meaning you’re benefiting from more goodness in every serving.

e&s: Is the duration of cooking time impacted when using a steam oven?

CWS: Steaming food is often, however not always, a quick method of cookery. Many recipes we develop at ‘Cooking with Steam’ use temperatures below 100˚C though we feel the accuracy of the temperature and control you have will result in less failures in the kitchen. Steam may not be the quickest method, however it is far more forgiving. Combi cooking (cooking in hot air and steam) will cut several minutes off the cooking times of your family favorites, such a roast chicken. Steam ovens are also an excellent alternative to microwaves when it comes to reheating certain foods.

e&s: What is your favourite thing to cook in these ovens?

CWS: I personally find nothing more pleasing that a perfectly cooked piece of fish. All fish differ in shape and size and once you figure out specific temperatures required for different fish, you will never go back to pan-fried or roasted fish dishes.

e&s: Any recipes you'd recommend? 

CWS: Steamed Spring Vegetable Salad. I chose this one as it is perfect for spring, simple and very tasty. You can find this recipe here

Steamed Spring Vegetable Salad-2.jpeg               Image: Cooking With Steam's Steamed Spring Vegetable Salad. 

Paul Mounsey

In 2014, Paul co-founded ‘Cooking with Steam’, the first online resource dedicated to steam oven cooking. Cooking with Steam was created to educate and encourage home cooks to get the most out of their steam ovens. Paul has created hundreds of recipes adapted to steam oven cooking and champions this method of cooking within the home.

Cooking with Steam de-mystifying steam oven cooking.


Purchase any ASKO Combi Steam Oven and receive a complimentary 6-month subscription to Cooking with Steam. Cooking with Steam has 260+ recipes specifically designed for Combi Steam Ovens

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Find out more about the V-ZUG Adora Dishwasher

Posted on Wed, November 16, 2016


V-ZUG have released a new line of Adora dishwashers which are the only one of its kind which are developed and manufactured in Switzerland. 

Dishwasher Vario cutlery basket insert.jpg

With a wide variety of loading options, the upper basket provides space for up to 26 glasses with an additional glass row and 13 place settings. 

Energy Efficiency 
These dishwashers have maximum energy efficiency with consumption starting at 7 litres of water and 0.8kWh of energy. To further their energy efficiency, these dishwashers have up to 90% energy savings with the hot water connection option and a stand-by energy-saving function for 0 watts of energy usage when turned off. 


Fast Programs
With this new line, comes new fast washing programs. such as the "Daily" program which cleans everyday dishes at a record speed of only 45 minutes.

There is also the "SteamFinish Function" which uses pure steam to gently finish glasses, cutlery and dishes for spotless cleaning and sparkling shine. This function generates pure steam which condenses on the dishes and runs off as a condensate film. This steam contains no salt, minerals or crystals which means that is leaves no residue. 



Find out more about the V-ZUG Adora Dishwasher at your local e&s showroom. Visit your nearest showroom for these products and more. 

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Taste of Melbourne

Posted on Mon, November 14, 2016

Over four days at Albert Park Lake, Taste of Melbourne brought Melbourne the ultimate foodie experience. 

With top restaraunts, delicious wines, sunshine, cooking classes, live music and even a virtual reality experience, Taste of Melbourne went far beyond the average festival. 

As e&s supplier Electrolux was a major sponsor of the event, we couldn't wait to come along to Taste of Melbourne and invite some e&s Electrolux customers as well as the winners of our Chef's Secret Competition. 


With our competition winners, some e&s Electrolux customers and a handful of e&s staff, we attended Electrolux's Chef's Secret cooking event with renowned chef Masimo Mele and Jo Barrett from Oakridge Wines.
During this hands-on cooking class, we collectively prepared Lemon Myrtle Prawns with young rice flakes, Davison plum and ginger sauce with Asian herbs matched wines from with Oakridge Winery.
Alongside our Crown Cards to spend throughout the festival, it's fair to say that we all left Taste of Melbourne rolling out of the gates.
Thank you to our chefs, Taste of Melbourne and Electrolux for such a delicious experience. 
"We had a fantastic evening cooking an amazing dish with a well renowned chef that we would have never thought of attempting ourselves.  Thanks Electrolux & E&S Trading"  - George, e&s Electrolux Customer
"Thank you and all at Electrolux. We had a wonderful time last night, it was so much fun. We were looked after from start to finish. Not only do I have photos of me cooking ( my friends said they must have been posed ) Ray and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, not to mention the goodies bag we received, we felt very spoilt. 
All I need is a heads up on next years competition because I would love to win it again." - Glenda, Winner of Chef's Secret Competition. 
"Thanks to Electrolux and E&S Trading we had the wonderful opportunity to experience the best of Melbourne's culinary scene at the Taste of Melbourne festival.  Sampling new dishes and taking part in the hands on cooking session in the Chef's Secrets tent,  the night was lots of fun and one that we were very lucky to be a part of. Peanut butter parfait, vegetarian ceviche, zucchini flower, roti jala, elote callejero, green tea mousse - we certainly stretched our stomachs to their maximum capacities but it was definitely worth it!"  - Kristine, e&s Electrolux Customer 
"A food extravaganza that will satisfy your every desire, plenty of tasty and amazing treats to enjoy" - Michelle, Winner of Chef's Secret Competition. 

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Homely || Renovating vs. Building.

Posted on Fri, November 11, 2016

The huge popularity of home renovation and DIY TV shows have inspired many Australians to pick up a sledgehammer and renovate their own homes. But if living on a construction site and getting hands on isn’t really your thing, renovation isn’t the only way to go if you want to upgrade your home.

Knocking down and rebuilding definitely has its advantages over renovating, as does renovating over rebuilding. So, if you’re stuck between deciding to renovate or start over and rebuild, we’ve collaborated with real estate portal to learn about the key factors to weigh up before making your choice.

Picture5.jpg                 For Sale: 3 Sydenham Street, Seddon, VIC


When it comes to comparing the cost of rebuilding vs. renovating it really comes down to what you want to achieve. If you’re planning a major overhaul of an existing home, rebuilding could end up being the more affordable option. But if you’re just wanting to add or do-up an individual room or two then renovating is obviously the more cost effective way to go.

The advantage of a rebuild is you can get a fixed-price contract with the builder so you know from the outset exactly what it’ll cost you. With a reno the budget can easily blow out due to unforeseen complications that are common with older homes (such as rising damp, mould, termites or hazardous materials) that are very labour intensive and costly to rectify. If you go down the reno path, make sure you add a contingency to your budget for nasty surprises that are almost certain sure to come up.

Building character

If you’ve fallen for the archways, ceiling roses, ornate cornices and period fireplaces of an older character home renovating is really the only way to go. A disadvantage of new builds many would say is that new homes cannot replicate the soulfulness and charm historic homes have. Before diving into a renovation of an old home check whether the property is heritage-listed or subject to heritage overlays as these will heavily restrict what kinds of changes and enhancements you can make.

Picture6.jpg                 For sale: 110 Vale Street, East Melbourne, VIC

 Location, location, location

A great thing about rebuilding is that you can get your dream home in your dream location, whether that be bayside or in a trendy inner city suburb, where vacant blocks of land are highly scarce and your chance of overcapitalising is low. Before buying an old place to tear down and rebuild, always check with the local council to make sure you can do what you want to do on that piece of land.  

Design advantages

When starting fresh and opting to rebuild a home from scratch you can really make everything about the home your own. You can select the layout, materials, finishes and fixtures that suit your own lifestyle, personal taste and budget requirements. Whereas with renovating you’re largely restricted by the bones of the original home and the choices the first owners made.

Ongoing costs

When you build a new home, its ‘newness’ is a great advantage in terms of the ongoing expenses of maintaining a home. By law new builds come with a structural warranty of 5 to 7 years (depending on the state or territory) which gives you peace of mind if any issues come up down the track and you won’t have to foot the bill.

Also, new homes will always be more energy efficient than renovated homes, saving you on bills and running costs for years to come. New builds will use the latest building materials and energy-efficient devices, and be constructed in line with the latest building standards requiring new homes to have a minimum of a 6-star energy rating.

Picture7.jpg                 For sale: 1/2 Kaarumba Grove, Balwyn, VIC

Grants & savings

If you’re a first home buyer and you build a home you’re eligible for the Australian Government’s First Home Owner Grant of $7,000 plus any grant your state or territory offers first time owners. If you buy an established home to renovate you miss out on these allowances.

First home buyers looking to buy and build a home off the plan are also eligible for stamp duty concessions up to a certain contract value. Check out what FHOG and stamp duty savings you might be entitled to in your state or territory at


Renovating is extremely high involvement and you’ll have to be on deck to advise your builder and tradespeople on every little decision. Whereas you typically aren’t allowed on site while your new home is under construction and the site manager will take the reins on driving the project.

During the building phase of a new home you’ll have to arrange and pay for off-site accommodation and storage for all your stuff. For those renovating that plan to live on site you have to consider whether you’ll have access to the bathroom and kitchen, the security of your belongings and live day-to-day with the noise and mess of a construction site. For some people this hassle just isn’t worth it and living off site is the more practical option.

Coming to a decision on whether you’re better off renovating or rebuilding is a tricky and expensive one either way, with many pros and cons to weigh up for your own individual circumstances. We hope these tips have helped clarify which option will work best for you.

For more advice on renovating vs. building view the pros and cons of building your first home and key considerations when buying a renovators delight.



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