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October 26, 2016

7 Tips To Stay Motivated While Renovating

We recently caught up with our friends at to get some advice on staying motivated during a home renovation.

Renovating and designing your own dream home can be thrilling, daunting and frustrating all at the same time.

It can get especially exasperating when you’re faced with what seems like setback after setback: weather delays, unexpected structural issues or unreliable trades people (just to mention a few!).

Here’s our advice on the best ways to stay on track and keep motivated during a home renovation.

Plan ahead

The best way to keep your stress levels in check is thorough planning BEFORE starting the renovation. Ask yourself ‘What exactly do I want to achieve?’, ‘How much do I realistically want to spend?’ and ‘How long will it take?’.

Make a prioritised list of all the changes and updates you want to make, ranging from most important to least. This will make it clear in your mind what the stages of your project will look like and what kinds of experts (structural engineers, builders, plumbers etc.) you’ll need to get in touch with for a quote.

Next, draft a rough timeline of when you’d ideally want each stage completed to share with your contractor. Then you can both shift it accordingly if need be.

Start up a spreadsheet to keep track of your day-to-day expenses and the quotes you’ll get from different trades people. Don’t forget to add in an emergency fund for any unexpected costs that pop up along the way.

Make liveability a priority

First things first, if you’re taking on a whole house overhaul you’ll want to focus on a few key areas to start with so you’ll be more comfortable and equipped to cope with the rest of the lengthy reno. Perhaps fix up a bedroom and the bathroom first so you’ll have a dust-free, clean and nice place to wash up and sleep after hard days renovating.

Take before and after shots

We recommend taking before and after shots of every room you fix up. That way whenever you’re feeling disheartened or down and out, you’ll be able to whip out the before shots to see just how far you’ve already come.

Better yet, blogging about and socially sharing your before and after shots can make you feel a great sense of accomplishment. It also provides a great forum to share and discuss your reno experiences with others and to vent about particularly stressful days.

Checklists are your best friend

With the average renovation requiring about 15,000 decisions, it’s no wonder people can feel daunted and apprehensive when it comes to taking on a reno of their own. Ticking every decision, goal and task that is successfully completed off a checklist (no matter how big or small) will make you feel gratified with your progress and encourage you to continue on.

Get involved

Understandably there are some aspects of your reno that are best left to the experts (i.e. tiling, anything electrical, plastering, concreting, plumbing and carpentry). But rolling up your sleeves and taking on small DIY tasks throughout the reno will make you feel more connected to the project and can be greatly satisfying, not to mention beneficial for the budget.

Pick up a paint brush and paint the plasterboard, install the new cabinet door handles, replace the doorbell, get started on the landscaping or clean and declutter the trash pile whenever you find yourself at a loose end.

Compromise is key

Not everything can go to plan and be exactly how you envisioned all the time, this is truer than ever when it comes to renovating. Essential to staying sane during a home reno is the ability to compromise and adapt your original plan when issues crop up.

The tile you had your heart set on may not be in stock, or the benchtop you wanted may be outside your budget. The best way to stay motivated is to always have a plan B, C and even D at the ready, so if your first preference falls through you’re not blindsided or too overwhelmed to reassess and move forward.

Take a break

If living in a dusty, noisy and messy mayhem gets to be too much and you’re suffering from ‘renovation fatigue’, take a well-deserved break and go for a weekend away or stay with a friend or relative to reset and recharge. Use this time to reflect on how far you’ve come and to envisage how happy you’ll be once the project is complete.

Trust us, a short rest can be just what the doctor ordered when you’re feeling burnt out from essentially living in a construction site. You’ll feel refreshed and ready to take on the next challenge when you return home.

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