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April 26, 2017

Bathrooms Are The New Wellness Retreat

e&s’s Joint Managing Director Rob Sinclair recently returned from the world’s largest bathroom fair ISH Messe in Frankfurt. With all the European bathroom brand powerhouses under the one roof, Rob not only has the scoop on the latest fittings and fixtures coming to our Australian shores (which we’ll share with you over the coming weeks), he also chatted to us about the growing trend towards bathrooms becoming a wellness retreat in their own right.

Image: Victoria + Albert Eldon Bath

“When it comes to the bathroom, we’re seeing people wanting to create luxurious spaces for relaxation and escapism. Bathrooms are becoming a spa and wellness retreat, with people investing in things like rain showers and tapware with beautiful finishes, that are not only functional, but also creates a sense of luxe in the bathroom” says Rob.

“This was clearly the theme at ISH this year, and I’m excited about the range of exciting bathroom products and trends we’ll start seeing in our bathrooms”, he continues.

Surfaces and materials

Rob says that we’ll see fabric being introduced in various ways in the bathroom to create a feel of comfort and warmth. “The Bette Lux Oval Couture range that was showcased at ISH was the standout of the whole fair and is an interior designer’s dream. It’s a fabric-wrapped freestanding bath and basin range, coming in four different colours. Featuring titanium-steel and upholstered fabric, it brings that sense of wellness and comfort into the bathroom”, he says. The hard and cold surfaces usually found in bathrooms are being replaced by elements of softness.

Image: The Bette Lux Oval Couture in White

When it comes to materials, glossy tiles are being substituted by matte surfaces. “Glossy tiles have always been the go-to over the last decade, but manufacturers have seen how well the matte and earthier sandstone and limestone looks against a glossy basin”, Rob says. These matte finishes adds to the retreat feel and the element of relaxation, it also goes well in-line with the current trendy colour palette of earthy terracotta and mineral tones.

Image: Kaldewei Miena Conoflat Oyster Basin in Grey

Freestanding baths

With the theme of wellness and comfort in the bathroom, Rob says freestanding baths are here to stay. “We’ve almost seen an evolution of baths and they have come a long way, from cast iron freestanding baths, to baths featuring timber panelling, and then a move back to plastics. Now the bath trend has moved away from an acrylic material. There’s a range of natural products coming out, whether that’s a man-made faux natural or volcanic limestone, and we’re also seeing baths made from fine pressed steel with no rim”, Rob explains.

Leading European manufacturers including Bette, Caldaby or Villeroy and Boch, and Duravit have developed technology to have air and champagne bubble systems. It’s not like a spa with vigorous bubbles, instead it’s about smaller bubbles for relaxation. The wellness experience is not as expensive as it used to be and it’s now possible to have this kind of technology in your bathroom.

Image: Kaldewei Meisterstueck Classic Duo Oval Bath

The shower experience

“One of my favorite brands, Gessi displayed their new range of wellness showers, showcasing the ultimate in luxurious showering. In one shower system they had a rain shower, mist, lighting, music settings in the one system”, says Rob. Regardless of the space and the layout of your bathroom, it’s now possible to get the wellness retreat you’ve always dreamt of in the luxury of your own home.

Image: Kaldewei Nexsys

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