A steaming hot new combi oven from Miele

Posted on Wed, May 25, 2011

Miele DGC 5080 XXL Combi Steam Oven We have spoken loads about steam oven cooking on this blog. Why? Because without going overboard, it's kind of the bomb... we kid you not. But what if you could use the moist from steam with the dry from heat at the same time in your cooking? Think baking and roasting simultaneously. That's exactly what a combi steam oven does, and thanks to the latest oven release from Miele, now a whole new world of versatile cooking options are available to you.

Introducing the new Miele DGC 5080 XXL Combi-Steam Oven (pictured right), offering a multitude of operating modes such as steam or dry which can be activated separately or combined depending on the cooking requirements. In addition to a 39-litre cabinet, some of the exciting features include Fan Plus, top and bottom heat, top heat, bottom heat, two-stage grill, fan grill and intensive baking. Another great function is the Oxygen Sensor - a climate sensor that electronically regulates the quantity of steam in the cooking compartment. Check it out in action here!

Miele KM 6000 Induction CooktopAnother new kitchen release from Miele is the KM 6000 Induction Cooktop range, consisting of five different models. Using a timeless black ceramic glass surface, the induction cooktop range offers convenient turbo-fast cooking. There are also intuitive DirectSelection controls, giving the user the ultimate control over how much power to use. Designated cooking zones are also included via Miele's exclusive TwinBooster funtion. Another handy feature is the Stop and Go function that automatically reduces the power level to the lowest setting for when you need to leave the kitchen quickly, for example to answer the door or phone. This way you know your pot or pan will continue to simmer and not burn or boil over.

Keep an eye out for these new releases coming soon to your nearest E&S Trading showroom. You can browse and shop a selection of Miele appliances online here.

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