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Renovation Homes Kitchen
July 10, 2018

Canning Cottage - Bicker Design, Josh & Jenna

This humble cottage is packed full of clever design that has focused on the detail and materiality used.  Clever planning and custom-made furniture have made this small space feel anything but small.

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Renovation Homes Home Inspiration
May 17, 2018

Home Focus: Kew

While each room of this Kew home has a different feel, there is a strong consistency with the design of the house. The more you see, the more you understand why this is a home is classified as ‘inspirational’.

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Renovation Kitchen Home Inspiration
April 19, 2018

Seriously impressive Warehouse Conversion – South Melbourne

This South Melbourne warehouse has been transformed into a contemporary kitchen filled with natural light.

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Renovation Interviews
July 10, 2017

Dan & Carleen on life after The Block

The next season of the popular TV show The Block on Channel Nine is just around the corner and last year we got to know the renovation couple, Dan and Carleen, from Western Australia. For several weeks we got to follow their challenging renovation journey of an apartment in Port Melbourne. Their beautiful apartment landed third place and we spoke to Carleen about her experiences on the show and life after The Block.

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Renovation Bathroom Interviews
July 5, 2017

Blog series: Jenna Densten’s tips on renovating a bathroom

Partnering with e&s, design and renovation duo Josh and Jenna Densten are in the process of renovating their 1870s Canning Cottage in inner-city North Melbourne. The couple is converting what was once a two-bedroom worker’s cottage to a one-bedroom studio, so they’re learning the ins and outs of renovating a small home. We spoke to Jenna to get her expert tips on what you need to consider if you’re planning a small bathroom renovation.

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Renovation Laundry Interviews
June 16, 2017

Blog series: Jenna Densten’s tips on renovating a laundry

Partnering with e&s, design and renovation duo, Josh and Jenna Densten are renovating their 1870s Canning Cottage in inner-city North Melbourne. The once two-bedroom worker’s cottage is being transformed into a one-bedroom studio. This is the third part of Jenna’s blog series, where she gives tips on renovating a laundry space.

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Renovation Interviews
May 15, 2017

Tips from a plumber: What to consider when renovating a bathroom

If you’re thinking about renovating your bathroom, there are certain things you can DIY, but the plumbing part is not one of them and should be left up to the professionals. We spoke to Chris Gough from Greenstream Sustainable Plumbing who gave us some great tips on what to think about before you start renovating a bathroom, the importance of using a licensed plumber, and what can happen if you don’t.

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Renovation Interviews
May 5, 2017

A property expert’s tips on how to prepare your home for sale

When selling your property, the presentation can be a deal breaker and have a large impact on the auction result. We spoke to property expert and co-founder of WBP Property Group, Greville Pabst, who has over 30 years’ experience in the industry and is also a regular mentor, advocate and judge on The Block. Here he gives his top ten tips of quick improvements that will prepare your home for a successful sale.

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