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February 15, 2017

How to create a family-friendly bathroom

There are many boxes to tick when designing the perfect family bathroom. While you want it to look beautiful and on trend, it needs to be functional, practical and meet the needs of your family’s lifestyle.

Layout and adaptability

Since there’s no such thing as a typical family, there’s no set formula for creating the perfect family bathroom. But you can tailor your bathroom to make it more functional for the people using it. If you have four people in one bathroom in the mornings, consider your floor plan and layout to ensure you meet the needs of the whole family. For example, creating a zoned layout so family members can use the bath, shower and vanity at the same time.

When you’re in the planning process and before you start renovating your bathroom, consider the many phases your family will go through during the years to come. Don’t just think one-step ahead, but several to be able to meet each individual’s changing needs.

Product: Kohler Chalice Round Vessel Basin Image: e&s photo shoot. Photographer: Nikole Ramsay Styling: Michelle Hart, Bask Interiors

Design aesthetic

In keeping with the idea of designing a bathroom that adapts with your family, it’s good to aim for a timeless and clean look. White is always a good choice for bathrooms and doesn’t date, and you can add tiles in various shapes and sizes to create a unique and personal look. Have some fun with accessories and add pops of colour and playful pieces that the whole family will enjoy. Accessories are something that can easily be updated each season, and tapware is a quick and easy way to change the look of your bathroom.

Product: Gareth Ashton Park tapware Image: e&s photoshoot. Photographer: Martina Gemmola Styling: Paige Anderson

Family-safe fixtures and fittings

In addition to layout, consider the fixtures and fittings you pick for your bathroom to ensure they are the safest and most practical for your family. For example, if you have young children it might be worth considering an inset bath model instead of freestanding. When it comes to tapware, think about handles that are easy to turn on and off unassisted. Other considerations include soft-close toilet seats to prevent loud slamming, adjustable rail showers and storage to keep certain items out of reach.

Product: Eurowa Bath Image: e&s photoshoot. Photographer: Nikole Ramsay Styling: Michelle Hart, Bask Interiors


Storage in a bathroom is number one on many renovators’ wish lists and it’s always wise to incorporate as much as you can. Especially in a family bathroom where there are many people sharing the same bathroom. Ample storage will ensure your bathroom doesn’t become messy and unorganised. One idea to keep things organised is to allocate each family member their own shelf, drawer or space for their personal bathroom essentials. Another bonus of storage is the resell value it adds to your home, so storage in the bathroom is a win-win.

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