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September 10, 2016

Freestanding vs. Built-In Baths

If you’re thinking of renovating your bathroom and are stuck choosing between an built-in or freestanding bath, Homed Itt discussed all the reasons to choose between one, or the other.

Firstly, what is the difference between a freestanding and an built-in bath?

Freestanding – A freestanding bath is finished on all sides and is able to stand alone.

Built-In – A built-in bath is unfinished on at least two sides (but finished on the top edge) and must be installed against a wall or within a pre-built bath surround or enclosure.

1. Cost

This one depends entirely upon the bath design as well as the bath and faucet materials chosen. Freestanding baths have in the past been more of a high-ticket item, but more recently they have become much more affordable.

The surround for a built-in tub can be expensive and certainly add to the overall cost of the fixture, whereas the freestanding bath requires no additional surround.

2. Spatial Efficiency

For the most part, this one goes to the built-ins. Freestanding baths simply take up more space than built-ins due to the space required around the bath itself and the faucet constraints.

3. Capacity for Shower/Tub Combo

In general, built-ins take this category, although freestanding baths have been known to pull off the shower/bath combo just as well. Built-in tubs, however are often combined with a wall-mounted shower, and it’s hard to argue with two fixtures for the real estate of one.

4. Flexibility in Placement

Freestanding baths win this, hands down. Because of their all-sided finish, freestanding baths can be placed in more places – even in the centre of the bathroom. Built-in baths are constrained to bathroom corners or alcoves.

5. Decorative Impact

This one might be arguable, depending on one’s personal aesthetic, but freestanding tubs win by nature of their inherent capacity to make a strong visual statement. Standing alone, not one aspect of the freestanding bath “blends in” with the rest of the bathroom, which easily makes them the focal point of the entire bath space. However, built-in baths can allow for you to have fun with tiles and colours.

So what are you thinking? Freestanding or In-Built? We would love to know your thoughts.

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