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January 29, 2018

Get to know Hermon & Hermon

Image of John & Barbara Hermon. Image via Domain.

Always thirsty to find out more about interior design, we caught up with Barbara Hermon to find out more about the Hermon & Hermon style, small tips and tricks and colour trends for 2018.

Being an interior designer, what is your favourite room in the house to work with and why? 

The most interesting space in a home to inject atmosphere and life into is the kitchen and living area which is the hub for sharing and entertaining. So many areas follow a minimalist style and lack atmosphere so a warm inviting area is a challenge.

What are some small tricks in interior design that can make a world of difference? 

It is important to have treasured pieces in your space to give it individuality and character that have a meaning to you to make your home ‘your space’ and not sterile, clean and soulless!

Hermon & Hermon Bathroom. Built by Mint Kitchen Group. Appliances provided by e&s.


What are some colour trends we will be looking for in 2018?

In 2018, naturals will prevail and this natural look will give inspiration for colour and texture. A trend towards white walls will let your favourite furniture pieces speak for themselves. Lastly, don’t forget black as it can be a very dramatic foil for a smaller space.

Just like double-denim, spots and stripes and wearing pink with red, with is your favourite controversial combination which just ‘works’?

Even though double-denim or spots and stripes are okay in the fashion world, homewares need a more considered approach. Don’t be too controversial with interiors. You can change clothing fashion daily, but your home is a place to live in for a long time so keep dramatic accents to a minimum. Keeping the bones neutral allows you to make statements with your pieces, whether it be furniture, artwork or accessories, let them be the heroes.

You can find out more about Hermon & Hermon by clicking here.

Hermon & Hermon Kitchen. Built by Mint Kitchen Group. Appliances provided by e&s.

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