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May 19, 2017

Get to know Kelly Ferarro, from The KJ Collective

The Beautiful Kelly Ferarro, The KJ Collective.
Photographer: Josh Wayn

With so many styling tips based around seasonal trends, what kind of items can we style our homes with that will last?

 First and foremost, your home is your sanctuary and a reflection of you and they way your family live. I like to concentrate on a ‘strong interior base’ in a home, which grounds your homes style. Where I can, I choose organic, natural materials & subtle colours and build up a style around it. It may be in flooring, carpets, soft furnishings or paint colour selection. Following ‘trends’ can certainly be a challenge, we all know that! I would suggest to add in small elements into your space first, so they won’t take over your entire home style; just add a few signature cushions, prints or throws around your home.  These can be a relatively low investment price point and easily swapped around as the seasons change.

You are constantly surrounding yourself with beautiful homes, what are some characteristics you’ve recently seen which have made you say ‘WOW’?

I love it when a blend of architectural styles mixed together work cohesively! I adore contemporary minimalist & mid century architecture. I am seeing elements of these styles appearing in new home builds and renovations more and more every day.  The blend of materials such as concrete, natural stone, resins, glass and timbers is a match made in heaven in my opinion! Theses styles also lean towards a strong connection made with the indoors & outdoors of our homes, through the cleaver used of garden views, an abundance of glass, split level living and outdoor rooms becoming part of our everyday lives.

Being a stylist, you would need to frequently adapt your feel to the home or space, while still using your signature look. How would you describe the ‘Kelly Ferraro’ style and what would it look like?

Now that’s a great question…I would consider my styling to be Contemporary / Modern. I love to mix and match colors, textures and patterns. I will often choose a colour which may be referenced through several rooms in a home, providing connectivity between the spaces. This is achieved through artwork, furnishings, floor rugs and personal pieces … your home must reflect your personality and have pieces you love within it! I also like to incorporate ‘greenery’ into each room in my home, may it be indoor & outdoor plants in hanging baskets or designer ceramic pots or florals in artwork.

e&s Photoshoot. Photographer: Nikole Ramsay, Stylist: Kelly Ferarro

Is there a styling tip which you would like to steer people away from implementing?

Try not to ‘match’ to much in your home, may this be through colour or furnishings. Be brave, mix up, it’s a much more visually pleasing! Try mixing up old and new furniture and patterns with solid colours in your furnishings. Always start on a small scale first to get comfortable with ‘taking risks’ with color and patterns, and then go for it!

Are there any items you keep going back to when styling shoots?

I have been using contemporary handmade ceramics consistently in my shoots for a long time now, they are a great ‘go-to’ item for me, as well as hand-blown coloured glassware. I may feature a vase, platter, small bowl / dish or vessel in a shoot … the fact that they are handmade and organic in nature makes each styled shot different to the next.

I am also a big lover of Australian Art and will always try to have a signature piece in each shoot. I love big scale pieces in a room, they just visually ‘tie it all together’. Also, the art that I feature isn’t always behind glass; I also like to get creative with sculptural pieces where I can.

e&s Photoshoot. Photographer: Nikole Ramsay, Stylist: Kelly Ferarro

We all know how important appliances are ;), what are some great and creative ways which you’ve seen appliances been incorporated into a home?
I do love the minimalist; streamline look that appliances are making at the moment. Mirror finishes, no handles and sometime completely integrated into the kitchen, its amazing! I love ‘Miele‘ appliances for their style, incredible design and contemporary aesthetic. I do prefer the more ‘traditional’ colours in my appliances; black, smoke and stainless steel.

On the other hand, I am also loving the ‘industrial look’ in the kitchen.  My favourite brand for this look has to be the ‘Wolf‘ brand of appliances and ‘Sub-Zero‘ refrigeration. These types of appliances really ‘anchor’ the kitchen, and are there to be talked about, they are truly amazing!

Small appliances can make the world of differences to any space. What are some of your favourite small appliances and how would you describe the impact which they can have in a room?

My favourite small appliance has to be a coffee machine, I’d be lost without mine! I do love the industrial look in a kitchen as previously mentioned, so to have a beautiful ‘barista’ style coffee machine on my kitchen bench as a feature is always a talking point in the ‘hub’ of the home.

e&s Photoshoot. Photographer: Nikole Ramsay, Stylist: Kelly Ferarro

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