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June 30, 2017

Get to know Tim Heavyside

We recently caught up with Tim to find out more about current trends when both purchasing and selling your home, as well as his favourite e&s appliance.

Tim Heavyside is a Director/Owner and Auctioneer at Fletcher’s Real Estate and is recognised as one of Australia’s most elite and decorated salespeople. Tim has won many industry awards such as; Australian Agent of the Year 2017 (Rate My Agent), Victorian Agent of the Year 2017 (Rate My Agent), Australian Sales Agent of the Year 2016 (RE Business), Victorian Residential Salesperson of the Year – 2016,2012,2011,2010 and 2006, just to name a few. Tim has also been awarded No. 1 Fletchers Property Consultant consecutively over the last 12 years.
We recently caught up with Tim to find out more about current trends when both purchasing and selling your home, as well as his favourite e&s appliance.

What are trends you’re seeing at the moment with homes on the market?

Most of the brand new homes I’m currently seeing built in the area’s I sell are; French Provincial (mainly in the Balwyn areas), “Faux”-Federation/Edwardian-style homes (Camberwell) as well as edgy new builds (all areas). Clients select different builders depending on the price of the build, quality of works and recommendations. In the Eastern Suburbs these builds range from Canny/Marque/Englehart Homes (top end) to Metricon /Porter Davis/Simonds Homes (medium end).

What are some quick tips you have about getting your home ‘sale ready’?

Buyers love natural light. This means attracting as much light as you can into the home by building with large north facing windows, removing dark colours painted on the walls, and removing dark timber beams.

The best tip I have is to get a professional stylist to visit your home to assist with decluttering, desensitizing and through styling the property, creating a thing I call “a connection of a feeling”. This means that when the buyer enters the home, they’ll be able to look around and rather than seeing the vendors “stuff” around the home, they’ll  be able to see how they’ll appreciate living in the home.

What are buyers currently looking for when purchasing a home?

Buyers search and buy  in the following criteria:

  1. Price – This is still the most important thing as the home has to be in buyers price range.
  2.  Mode of Accommodation – How many bedrooms, bathrooms, car accommodation and size of land.
  3. Location – Ultimately buyers will consider a variety of suburbs. I know this goes against the “location, location , location” principal that has been used for years. If you’re a first home buyer, you don’t want a big family home. Similarly, if you’re a family, you don’t want a two bedroom villa unit. You want something that will meet your needs. The right answer is dependant on the circumstances for the particular buyer.

What questions should you be asking your real estate agent when buying a home? 

As of 1st May, 2017 a SOI (Statement of Information) is required for each house listing which is found online. This SOI includes three things;

  1. Medium House Price for the Suburb
  2. The three comparable sales the agent provided to the vendor to get the estimate of worth.
  3. Agents estimate worth. This can be in a single figure or a range of no more than 10%.

The best things to keep in mind when asking about the property are:

  1. Why is the vendor selling?
  2. How long have the vendors lived here?
  3. Are there any easements, covenants and caveats which could affect the property?
  4. Questions to understand the quality of the workmanship which has been put in to the home:
    1. What improvements have they made to the property?
    2. Who did those improvements?
    3. Were improvements done previous to these vendors? Who did the improvements then? If you don’t know, can you source this information?

What questions should you be asking when selling your home? 

When selling your home, and appointing an agent you need to find out the following:

  1. The agent’s track record – how many properties they have sold in the suburb you’re considering listing your home in?
  2. Can the agent state their point of difference for both themselves and the agency they represent?
  3. How big their reach is, in terms of bringing in and attracting buyers to the property?
  4. How quick can they negotiate? If you ask them a question such as, “What’s your commission” and they flounder and say “Oh, umm… 1%…..1.5%,” how is this agent going to negotiate the sale of your home, if they can’t negotiate their own commission?

You recently completed a renovation for your family home and used e&s for your kitchen, laundry and bathroom appliances. Do you have a favourite appliance? What is it and why?

When my wife and I were choosing our appliances, we wanted to ensure that the appliances we chose were going to be stylish, durable and something that we can put back into the home as an asset. My favourite appliance is the coffee machine (CT636LES1 Siemens Built-In Coffee Machine). It’s easy to use, self-cleaning, looks great, tastes great and I love using it everyday. I’m bit of a “anyones-everyones” person when it comes to coffee and this machine allows me to make anything from a cappuccino to a long-black, short-black, macchiato and even allows me to have a double-shot when I need it. The coffee machine has also become a topic of conversation when our friends come over as we love offering them a coffee when they come over.

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