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June 2, 2017

Getting to know Ali McNabney-Stevens

After falling in love with her home, we had to get to know more about renowned artist, Ali McNabney-Stevens.

e&s photoshoot. Photo: Nikole Ramsay. Stylist: Aimee Tarulli

Having a big family, what are the “must haves” when designing a family home?
I have a family of five, my husband Jay and my three children and Ted the dog that makes six!! I believe the must haves when designing a family home is to make sure that the whole family doesn’t get lost in the house and that there remains an intimacy. Time spent together is essential, so zoned areas that offer comfort, space and beautiful light helps to create this I think.

When designing your home, which came first? Choosing appliances for your kitchen? Or the right kitchen for your appliances?
I think designing the right kitchen for the way you live is essential and then the appliances come next.

Your kitchen is filled with e&s appliances. Featuring both the Miele Pyrolytic and Steam ovens, Fisher & Paykel Fridge and Freezer, Zip Hydrotap. Do you have any favourites?
Ok so this is easy…the Zip Hydrotap!!!!! I’m a huge tea drinker and with this tap I’m sure I have saved weeks of my life not filling kettles and waiting for them to boil. It is totally brilliant.

Product: Zip Hydro Tap Elite. e&s photoshoot. Photo: Nikole Ramsay. Stylist: Aimee Tarulli

Being an artist, you’d be constantly inspired by your surroundings. Where is your favourite place in Melbourne to seek inspiration?
I’d have to say that a lot of inspiration comes from memorised landscapes in Northern Ireland however there are times here in Victoria, especially near the beach, where I can draw a parallel between the landscapes here and there. I also love that Melbourne is so cosmopolitan and cultural and has so many galleries to choose from.

At e&s, we are seeing a trend in customers wanting to purchase multiple ovens, which have different performance functions. What do you love about having both the pyrolytic and steam ovens?
The two ovens are a luxury. The pyrolytic cleans itself and doesn’t make a sound and the steam oven is just so clever that a whole meal can be prepared in a tray, placed in and having produced the meal which you didn’t cook. Firstly, you feel virtuous because it is so healthy

Product: Miele Pyrolytic Oven and Miele Steam Oven. e&s photoshoot. Photo: Nikole Ramsay. Stylist: Aimee Tarulli

What do you think is the trademarks of Ali McNabney-Stevens artwork? How do you want people to feel when they see your work?
I suppose I am known for my colour but I hope onlookers feel something familiar and warm that resonates.

We love shooting your house. The colours, the artwork and the space made us feel as though we were right at home. What do you think makes a house, a home?
Thank you. I love a home that touches all the senses, my mother and father created that for me and I hope I am doing that for my family. A home should be filled with colours, textures, nice fragrances, music, comfort, warmth  and it should say a lot about the people that live there.

Want to find out more about Ali? You can visit her website here

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