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June 13, 2017

Home Feature: Beaumaris

After e&s customer Kerrie allowed us to shoot her beautiful home in Beaumaris, we wanted to share more about the her advice when it came to choosing appliances, best practise when building and her favourite part of the house.

Product: Beef Eater BBQ Image: e&s photoshoot. Photographer: Nikole Ramsay Styling: Michelle Hart, Bask Interiors

What was your vision when building this home? 

Our vision was to build a family home which incorporated comfort, ease and flow. It needed to be a low maintenance, contemporary space, built around the views of Port Phillip Bay and the You Yangs. We chose to reverse the house and have our living, kitchen and main bedroom upstairs so that we could look through the canopy of our imposing Lemon Scented Myrtle Tree.

When looking at appliances – what was your ‘must haves?

For our home, our “must haves” were an integrated dishwasher and integrated fridge to provide a clean look. Also, a pyrolytic oven, an induction cooktop and a filtered hot and cold water tap.

Product: KWC Eve Chrome Mixere&s photoshoot. Photo: Nikole Ramsay. Styling: Michelle Hart, Bask Interiors.

What part of the house is your favourite?
Upstairs where we have our kitchen and living area is definitely my favourite. We walk out of our bedroom into the kitchen and can look out across the bay and watch the changing seasons. Our life here is simple and relaxed, which is a wonderful way to live.

What is your favourite appliance in the house?
Definitely the induction cooktop is our favourite. It’s a beautiful and gentle way to cook and the speed at which it heats up is amazing. The bonus is, any food spills doesn’t burn onto the glass which means that the cooktop always looks new and stylish.

What’s your piece of advice when building or renovating a home?

If you’re a novice, get professional advice from a competent architect or builder. Write your needs down and consider how you want to live. Visit some display homes and imagine how you would live in those homes to assist in crystallising your ideas. Before you get too carried away, establish a budget and stick to it. The more effort you put into planning, the better the ultimate result for you and your family.

With appliances, start looking at stockists at least one year in advance who have the appliances you’re interested in. Create a relationship with them and asks lots of questions as you’ll find you will change your mind many times. The way I worked out what appliances worked best in my home, is by going to cooking demonstrations at the e&s showroom.

e&s photoshoot. Photo: Nikole Ramsay. Styling: Michelle Hart, Bask Interiors.

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