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July 5, 2017

Introducing Siemens Sensofresh

The new Siemens iQ800 washing machine with sensoFresh technology comes with multiple benefits, featuring programs to enable hygienic washing of delicate items, and machine care to enable a hygienically clean drum.

SensoFresh Program

If you enjoy living life to the full, your clothes will accumulate odours no matter what you do. For sensitive and non-washable fabrics that are high on your rotation, that can be a problem. With sensoFresh powered by active oxygen, you can now remove odours from your clothes at home without the necessity of washing-perfect for non-washable clothes like suits and delicate items. You can now have your favourite items at your disposal at any time within 30-45 minutes.

Hygiene Program

The hygiene program is particularly suitable for mixed fabrics including delicates that cannot be washed in a high-temperature wash program. Thanks to the use of the active oxygen alongside a cold wash, the laundry gets hygienically clean even at a low temperature of 40◦C.

Drum Clean Program

Prevent the formation of odours inside the washing machine’s drum with the Drum Clean Program. Active oxygen effectively prevents the accumulation of odour-causing bacteria and ensures a hygienically clean machine.

To experience the multiple benefits the new Siemens iQ800 washing machine has to offer, visit your nearest e&s showroom today, or on the e&s website.

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