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April 10, 2017

Miele Launches Artline Series

Inspired by the passion of minimalist design, Miele’s new Artline series is handleless, seamless and is capable of harmoniously merging cooking, eating and living areas. There are many innovative and exciting features in the series, which we know the e&s customer will love.

It’s the ideal solution for handleless kitchen design: a light touch on the integrated sensor button is all it takes to open the doors of ovens, steam ovens or microwaves.

SoftOpen: Gently Effective
SoftOpen ensures that the door opens gently until it has moved into its final position. The opening mechanism of a kitchen appliance has never been so well executed.

Dishwasher with Knock2Open
How do you open a fully integrated dishwasher that has a completely handless front? Just knock twice on the front and the door opens automatically thanks to Knock2Open.

Intuitive Operation
The controls are discreet yet allow you to quickly start the desired automatic programme or set the mode and temperature of your oven in just a few steps. M Touch makes the operation more elegant and inuitive than ever.

With the Artline series also consisting of integrated cooktops, fridges, freezers and even coffee machines, it’s clear to see why this series will be a hit.

Available at your local e&s showroom in late April, we know you’ll be just as excited about this range as we are.

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