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November 30, 2016

10 Tips To Reduce The Cost of Air Conditioning

As the temperature rises, so too does your electricity bill. But does it really have to be that way? Sure, there are some days when you simply can’t avoid turning on the air conditioning – but with a bit of thought, you can beat the heat without breaking the bank. And by reducing the energy you use, you are also reducing carbon emissions – so you can feel good about helping to save the environment for future generations.

With the weater warming up, De’Longhi released their 10 tips to help reduce the cost of air conditioning.

1. You’ve heard of location, location, location – but what about insulation, insulation, insulation? If you’ve got the aircon pumping, but if there are gaps under your doors and around your windows, then you’re cooling the outside as well as the inside of your house, making your aircon work harder and use more energy. There is a myriad of ways to better insulate your home; but at the most basic level, you can buy inexpensive window and door insulation kits at your local hardware store.

2. By setting your air conditioner on 24 or 25 degrees, you can save a significant amount of enery without your system running constantly. Find a balance between comfort and efficiency of the unit. For each 1°C of cooling that you do without, you can save considerably on the amount of energy consumed.

3. Choose an air conditioner with better energy efficiency features. Models with water to air functions splash water over the condenser to cool it down.

4. Keep your air conditioner spick and span. If the unit is coated in a thick layer of dust, it stands to reason that it will use more energy to pump air through. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to give it a good clean at the start and end of the summer season.

5. Don’t run devices that warm your home. Leave the laundry, ironing, washing and dishwasher until the evening when it’s cooler. And obviously don’t crank up the cooking appliances. All these devices will warm the place up, making your aircon work harder to cool it down again.

6. Try cooling your body before you turn on the AirCon. Before you crank up the aircon, drink an icy cold drink, strip off a layer of clothing, run your wrists under the cold tap or pop an icepack on the back of your neck.

7. Create natural shade around your home, especially your windows. Windows can let a lot of heat in, and preventing the sun from reaching your windows is more cost effective than dealing with the heat once it’s there. Trees and shrubs can be planted to provide shade, while planting creepers to grow over a pergola can create a shaded outdoor area to enjoy.

8. Close your shades. White window blinds keep your rooms light enough to see what you’re doing, while reducing the heat in the room considerably. Open up your blinds and windows in the evening when the cooler air begins to circulate.

9. If you have ceiling fans, use them. Freestanding fans can also be used to move cool air around, making the most of your air conditioning.

10. Turn off the AC when you leave the house. Don’t leave your aircon running when you go out. It’s a bit of an urban myth that leaving it running will somehow be cheaper. It’s definitely much cheaper to turn it off, and then turn it on again when you need it.

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