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April 7, 2017

Creating and organising the perfect butler’s pantry

It’s the hidden space that makes everyday life a little bit easier. Where they were originally used by butlers in high-end homes, the butler’s pantry has gained popularity in modern houses and the trend seems like it’s here to stay. There are many reasons for it’s popularity: it’s the perfect place for food preparation and hiding away cooking mess, while still keeping the main kitchen well presented to guests. Although we’re big advocates of having your smaller appliances on display in the kitchen, if you like to keep your kitchen benchtops clear, a butler’s pantry is the perfect spot to store these when they’re not in use.

Even if you don’t have the space for a butler’s pantry we’ve shared some helpful tips on organising your pantry space.

Product: Smeg Retro Style Electric Kettle Image: e&s photoshoot. Photographer: Nikole Ramsay Styling: Kelly Ferraro, The KJ Collective

Regardless of the size of your home, a butler’s pantry can be anything from a fully equipped walk through pantry to a larger cupboard hidden behind bi-folded doors. When designing a butler’s pantry, Anne Ellard from Houzz Australia says it’s a great idea to incorporate lots of bench space, drawers and open shelves all the way to the ceiling, to give you maximum storage space.

Some butler’s pantries are decked out with a wine fridge, a dishwasher and second sink, like the Oliveri undermount sink pictured below. Anne also highlights the importance of many power points for all your small appliances, that way you can keep your favourite KitchenAid Nespresso Machine, stored and plugged in, ready to use when you need it.

Easy to reach
Roll out shelves are practical for all storage spaces, and allow you to get the most out of the depth of the shelf and still have easy access to the things tucked in the back. If you’re lacking the space for a rollout shelf, get creative using a spare baking tray, where you can gather small items treat it like a drawer, carefully sliding it in and out of the shelf.

See it clearly
To keep things easy to find in a fully stocked pantry it can be worth investing in clear containers, which you can fill with different dried goods. Airtight containers made out of glass or plastic will keep your food last longer, keep any creepy crawlies away, and make it easy to see how much of a product you have left.

Product: Smeg Retro Style 2 slice toaster Image: e&s photoshoot. Photographer: Nikole Ramsay Styling: Kelly Ferraro, The KJ Collective

Pantry organisation tips and tricks:

  • The big clear out – like any spring clean don’t forget your butler’s pantry. Remove everything from your pantry, clean all shelves thoroughly, and throw away everything that has expired.
  • Airflow – make your goods last longer with good ventilation, circulation and low humidity.
  • First in first out – when you stock up on something make sure to stock it behind the old item so you’re using always using the one with the nearest expiry date.
  • Group items – make it easier to find things by keeping items in different categories; one shelf for baking goods, spices, cans, snacks, spices etc.

For inspiration on fixtures, fittings and smaller appliances to stock in your butler’s pantry, visit one of our e&s showrooms or

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