How to style your kitchen: top tips from an interior designer

Posted on Thu, November 10, 2016

At times we get a bit flustered by kitchen styling, as we get confused by what works best. To assist we chatted to interior designer Michelle Hart, owner of Bask Interiors, who shared her tips on how to style and easily update the look of your kitchen. 

e&s: What are this season's top looks and trends when it comes to styling your kitchen?

M: Leading into summer and the festive period I’m seeing a growing trend towards bolder colours. We're turning to the deeper hues of gemstone colours including ruby reds, emerald greens, sapphire blues and amethyst tones, and this is also reflected in kitchenware and appliances.

Natural materials are timeless and can add texture and warmth in a kitchen. For example, you can easily incorporate accessories like a wooden chopping board or a simple woven basket. If are working with a flat canvas, such as a white kitchen, a mix of marble, stone and timber can create warmth, character and texture.

E&S-EBentleigh-22565.jpgCoffee machine - KitchenAid Nespresso Machine Onyx Black , Toaster - Dualit Sandwich 2 Slice Toaster
Photographer: Nickole Ramsay Stylist: Michelle Hart (Bask Interiors)

e&s: Coming into summer what appliances and products are you seeing in kitchens?

M: When I was overseas recently, I saw red everywhere and now I'm finding this is subtly making its way into our kitchen, particularly with appliances. While people still love their monochrome kitchen appliances, they are getting braver and bolder in their colour choices. First we saw people using pastel colours, now they are incorporating bright reds, oranges and blues.

              E&S-TheHwy-02.jpgKitchenAid Nespresso Machine Candy Apple Red , Kettle Kitchen Aid Electric Kettle, Le Creuset Baking Dish
Photographer: Nickole Ramsay Stylist: Michelle Hart (Bask Interiors)

e&s: What ideas do you have for creating a festive vibe in the kitchen?

M: We are lucky to celebrate the Christmas and New Year period during summer and there are ways to incorporate a summery feel in the kitchen. I like to add foliage, including eucalyptus leaves, holly leaves or Australian native plants, such as the banksia which is one of my favourites with its vibrant red colour. You can add a festive touch of gold in the kitchen with candles or a statement bowl or plate. Appliance wise, KitchenAid have brought out metallic appliances which is a perfect festive addition to your kitchen. 

E&S-Blackrock-22387.jpgSmeg 60cm Vapour Clean Oven ,  Fridge - Fisher & Paykel, Smeg Toaster 
Photographer: Nickole Ramsay Stylist: Michelle Hart (Bask Interiors)

e&s: What are some quick ways to update your kitchen's style?

M: There are so many ways you can easily and instantly update your kitchen, without the need to undergo a complete kitchen renovation. With such a large range of tapware available, in different finishes and colours, you can change the look of your kitchen by simply adding a new tap. You can also change cabinet doors or the handles on your draws to update your kitchen's look. Even rearranging the appliances on your kitchen bench, or introducing new appliances or kitchenware, can instantly update your kitchen. 

E&S-Blackrock-22404-1.jpgSmeg Fully Integrated Dishwasher DWAFIP364, Tap - Arcisan Eneo Sink Mixer 
Photographer: Nickole Ramsay Stylist: Michelle Hart (Bask Interiors)

e&s: What are your top tips for a clean and organised kitchen?


  • I am a big on keeping the bench clutter free and I try to avoid using my bench as a dumping ground. I know this isn't always easy, but putting paperwork and mail out of sight is a quick way to remove clutter. 
  • Using containers is one of the easiest ways to keep your kitchen organised, especially in your pantry. You'll know where to find things and it keeps the kitchen looking neat and tidy. 
  • If your kitchen has enough space, many people assign a designated area for a scullery, appliance cupboard or even a butler’s pantry. Although we don’t all have the luxury of space, perhaps there’s an area where you can keep your kitchen items organised in the one spot.
  • A clean fridge for me is essential. Personally, I don’t put fridge magnets, bills etc on the fridge. I like to show off my fridge as they’re a pretty stylish appliance these days. If you have kids, I know it's nice to stick their drawings up on the fridge, so it’s about finding balance I think and there’s ways of making this look neat.

Smeg Retro Style Kitchen Stand Mixer PinkSmeg 60cm Vapour Clean Oven Tap - Arcisan Eneo Sink Mixer Le Creuset Baking Dish
Photographer: Nickole Ramsay Stylist: Michelle Hart (Bask Interiors)

What are the little things you can do to create a simple but stylish look this summer?

  • Fruit bowl – a bowl of limes, cherries or lemons is an inexpensive way of adding a beautiful pop of colour. 
  • Greenery – a plant, live branch, foliage or bunch of herbs in a jug add life to your kitchen space. And makes the kitchen feel more alive and homely. In particular, I like the more hardy and succulent plants such as a hoya plant or devil’s ivy. I've noticed the Chinese money plant is starting to become popular. It's a beautiful smaller plant that is quite rare and everyone is trying to get a hold of it at the moment.
  • Chopping boards or a mortar and pestle – a simple kitchen accessory that you can place near your cooktop or against a splashback. You can also use a simple wooden utensil holder as an easy way to incorporate timber.
  • Tea towels – there are some beautiful tea towels, linens and napkins available in a range of colours and patterns to bring in texture and colour to your kitchen. 

E&S-EBentleigh-22576-1.jpgOven- Ilve Titanium 90cm Freestanding Electric Oven 6 BurnerKettle - KitchenAid Electric Kettle
Photographer:Nickole Ramsay Stylist: Michelle Hart (Bask Interiors)

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Miele releases EVS vacuum sealing drawer

Posted on Mon, November 07, 2016

Vacuum sealing units are becoming increasingly popular in modern kitchens as they have the ability to increase the storage life of food, intensify flavours of marination and portion food after preparation.

On November 1, Miele released a EVS vacuum sealing drawer which allows you to bring the convenience, flavours and technology into your kitchen. 

unnamed (1)-1.jpg             The EVS Vacuum Sealing Drawer can be installed below any 45cm or 60cm built-in unit. 

The Miele's vacuum sealing drawer is a chamber-type vacuum sealing unit with a powerful vacuum pump. 

Wondering why you would need this drawer in your kitchen? This drawer has many benefits including: 

- Preparation of sous-vide cooking -  Food is vacuum sealed in preparation for sous-vide cooking.
- Marinating Food - Ideal for marinating food, vacuum sealing improves the marinating process by intensifying the flavours.
- Storage of Food -  Vacuum-sealed food has an extended shelf-life of 3 to 5 times as well as offering better protection against freezer burn and saves space for storage
- Vacuum Sealing in Containers As an alternative to vacuum sealing in bags it is also possible to use standard containers. A connection is located in the vacuum chamber.
- Portioning of food - Portioning is useful for storing foods such as coffee, herbs, meat or cheese as it allows the correct amount to be used when needed.
- Resealing food in original packagingFoods such as nuts, seasoning or chips can be resealed in their original packaging. This protects the contents against moisture and premature spoilage.

Image result for EVS 6114 CleanSteel Vacuum Sealing Drawer                     Marinate your meals with the  Miele EVS Vacuum Sealing Drawer 

The drawer is opened using the push-to-open mechanism, and the vacuum chamber is revealed when the drawer is fully open. 

The Miele EVS Vacuum Sealing Drawer is available to order from your local e&s showroom.

Find your local showroom here.


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Save up to 10% Off Siemens.

Posted on Fri, November 04, 2016


unnamed (1).jpg

Now is the perfect time to refresh your kitchen with up to 10% off when you purchase any Siemens cooking appliances.

With Siemens being exclusive to e&s in Victoria, you have up to November 20, 2016 to make the most out of this offer, knowing you won't find it anywhere else in the state. 

We have eight showrooms around the state, and would love the opportunity to showcase our Siemens range to you. 

Terms & Conditions
The offer applies to new orders only, purchased during the promotional period (4 – 20 November 2016)
1. Please read the conditions carefully as they govern your entitlement, application and the facilitation of the Siemens Factory cashback offer.
2. The factory cashback applies to eligible private retail buyers of ‘new’ Siemens oven or cooktop. The offer explicitly excludes T2, display stock, project and commercial transactions, clearance centre stock, and staff purchases. Eligibility requires compliance with all three criteria below:
I. A Siemens oven and cooktop must form part of the purchase/order
II. The purchase/order must occur during the promotional period 4 – 20 November 2016. Purchases outside this period do not qualify for this offer.
III. Ex-display, clearance centre and T2 stock are excluded
IV. The order is placed in store as this offer is not available online.
3. The value of the factory cashback is derived from the total value of all Siemens appliances of eligible orders
4. Factory cashback will be applied directly as a credit on your order at the point of sale
5. E&S employees and their immediate families are not eligible to participate.
6. Final cashback amount will be determined and confirmed at the time of order fulfilment.

The Promoter reserves the right to vary these terms and conditions without notice, to modify, reschedule or terminate the promotion or to modify or extend the closing date and criteria of the Promotion at its discretion.
The Promoter's decision on all matters pertaining to this Promotion is final and binding and no correspondence will be entered into, except as otherwise stated in these terms and conditions. Claims are not transferrable or assignable.
Nothing in these Terms and Conditions is intended to exclude, restrict or modify any consumer rights under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth) or any other legislation which may not be excluded, restricted or modified by agreement. Except for any liability that cannot be excluded by law, the Promoter (including its officers, employees and agents) excludes all liability (including negligence), for any personal injury; or any loss or damage (including loss of property); whether direct, indirect, special or consequential, arising in any way out of the Promotion, including, but not limited to, where arising out of the following:
(a) any technical difficulties or equipment malfunction (whether or not under the Promoter's control); (b) any theft, unauthorised access or third party interference; (c) any claim or offer that is late, lost, altered, damaged or misdirected (whether or not after their receipt by the Promoter) due to any reason beyond the reasonable control of the Promoter; (d) any variation in gift value;
(e) any tax liability incurred by a entrant; or (f) participation in the promotion or use of a gift. The Promoter collects personal information in order to conduct the Promotion and may, for this purpose, disclose such information to third parties, including, but not limited to suppliers and as required, to Australian regulatory authorities, or use such information to contact the claimant in relation to this Promotion. Claim is conditional on providing this information. If the claimant marks the applicable box, the Promoter may use the claimant's personal information for the purposes specified at the
time of collection. Claimants should direct any requests to access, update or correct information to the Promoter. All claims become the property of the Promoter. These Terms and Conditions are deemed to incorporate our privacy policy and by entering the Promotion, you accept the terms and conditions of our privacy policy. For further details see our privacy policy at
The Promoter is E&S Trading Co. Discounts Pty Ltd of, 234 High Street, Ashburton, ABN 71007449265

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Kitchen Appliances to Save You Time

Posted on Mon, October 31, 2016

Kitchen Appliances to save your time

Life is busy and messy, and sometimes the kitchen, which is often referred to as the heart of the home, can require the most amount of work.

To make your life easier, we give you advice on products which will help save you time in the kitchen.

Food Disposal Systems

If you’re forever spending time cleaning and worrying about food getting stuck down your stink, then investing in a food disposal system would be the right way to go. A food disposal system, (such as the InSinkerator), offers a convenient way to dispose of food waste in your home. This system takes finely ground food waste through the plumbing system in the same way toilet waste is treated. Just about any kind of food can go right down the drain, thus minimising the handling of food scraps and reducing the time spent preparing and cleaning up after meals.

download.jpgImage: InSinkerator Waste Disposal 

Hot Water Taps

Spend more time enjoying your tea than preparing it. Time and time again, we boil the kettle, wanting to make a cup of tea, but get distracted and forget about our hot drink. Taps which allow you to have hot, chilled and sparkling water on tap is not only a great way to save space, but saves time by having all your home drinking solutions in one place.  

download (1).jpgImage: Billi Tap 

Pyrolytic Ovens

Cleaning ovens isn’t the most enjoyable task, and is often something that we put off doing. Pyrolytic Ovens such as the featured Miele 60cm Pyrolytic Single Oven, uses high temperatures (around 400⁰c) to incinerate any food residues on the oven walls into a fine ash. Once the cleaning cycle has completed, the ash can be safely wiped away using only a damp cloth. Now we have no excuse to put off cleaning our ovens, especially now that it is done with a touch of a button.

download (2).jpgImage: Miele 60cm Pyrolytic Oven, Miele Induction Cooktop & Miele Glass & Stainless Steel Rangehood 

Induction Cooktop

Save time preparing meals with fast heating induction cooktops. Because there are no naked flames and the cooktop starts to cool down the moment the pot is removed, these cooktops are a much safer option for families. Boiling large pots of water is a breeze, and frying is quick and simple. But not only are induction cooktops great for high-heat cooking, they offer the chef excellent temperature precision when it comes to simmering and melting. Needless to mention that cleanup is a breeze with the single glass surface so it’s so easy to wipe down and clean.

Picture1-1.jpgImage: Siemens 60cm Flexinduction Cooktop 

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KitchenAid Mini has arrived.

Posted on Tue, October 18, 2016

The iconic KitchenAid Stand Mixer has all the legendary power of the KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer, but is now now 25% lighter and 20% smaller and available at e&s Trading. 


 The Mini's 3.3L stainless steel bowl makes up to five dozen cookies and has more than enough room to mix the right amount of ingredients to prepare your favourite dishes. 


The KitchenAid Mini allows you to further enhance your KitchenAid experience with the hub fitting all stand mixer attachments. 

Attachments includes; Ice Cream Bowl Attachment, Spiralizer with Peel, Core and Slice Attachment, Food Processor, Pasta Roller, Juicer & Sauce Attachment and more.


With so many colours to choose from, you'll be bound to find something which matches your kitchen and style. 

    Image result for kitchenaid mini

Why not have a look at the new KitchenAid Mini for yourself? Click here to see the full e&s KitchenAid range. 


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Get to know Sub Zero Wolf.

Posted on Wed, September 21, 2016

We recently sat down with Managing Director, Andrew Mumford and Marketing Manager, Frances Lynch of Sub Zero Wolf to find out more about the origins of the company, product favourites and quirky features that makes Sub Zero Wolf the market leaders in luxury refrigeration and ovens and help support the 'home chefs'. 


Established in 1945 by Westye F Bakke in Madison, Wisconsin, the family run business recently celebrated their 70th birthday. 

Sub Zero Wolf focuses on design, product engineering, quality of build and producing a luxury domestic appliance. It is for this reason that Sub Zero only manufacturers 80-100 fridges each day to ensure quality control in the highest regard. 

In the 1940's, Sub-Zero worked closely with world renowned architect, Frank Lloyd Wright to develop integrated refrigeration. Since then, every fridge manufactured is serviced and vented from the front. In 1954, Sub-Zero Wolf were the first to release the food preservation system of dual refrigeration – separate cooling systems for refrigerator and freezer to ensure optimal humidity and temperature in both zones

Sub-Zero has 48 models in the range offering a food preservation solution to suit any lifestyle. All full height models have a consistent height ensuring even lines and a perfect design aesthetic when multiple models are installed together. (as pictured below). 

             Image: Sub Zero 610mm Wine Storage, Sub Zero 610mm Freezer column and 610mm Refrigerator column

When asked if Andrew had a personal favourite in the Sub-Zero range, Andrew chose the 762mm Integrated Wine Storage which he referred to as a "beverage center." This appliance is unlike anything else on the market - there are 3 different temperature zones to ensure that your beverages are stored at their optimum level.

This beverage center allows you to store your icy cold beer, refreshing champagne and soft drinks between 1 degree and 7 degrees C and your wine can be stored anywhere between 5 degrees to 18 degrees C. To make sure that you're always stocked up for any event, the top fridge drawer comfortably stores 2 slabs in the drawer. 

                                    Image: 762mm Integrated Wine Storage

Moving along the Wolf range, Andrew's favourite product is the 1524mm Dual Fuel Range Ovens. These ovens have two full-sized ovens that are both multi-function which means that you're never restricted to what you want to cook. If you want to batch baking with a fan-forced oven, where you have the capacity to bake 120 biscuits in one batch bake, and at the same time you have 1.5m of cooking space, allows you to have a substantial cooking area. You also have the capacity to have different configurations on top such as tepanyaki plate, up to six gas burners or a BBQ.

ICBDF604CF.jpgImage: Wolf 1524mm Dual Fuel Range Oven

Another unique feature is the dual-stacked gas burner which provides the full spectrum of control - an ultralow flame ideal for simmering up to a high heat for boiling and searing. The Wolf simmer control option gives you the same level of control as induction meaning you can leave chocolate on the stove for 5-6 hours and it will never burn to the base. 

Picture1fds.pngImage: Dual-stacked gas burner 

These products are not only made to last, but the distinct aesthetics and strong product engineering means that with Sub-Zero and Wolf, you'll never fail to be a home chef. 



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Shaynna Blaze Kitchen Renovation Tips

Posted on Fri, September 09, 2016

Interior design guru and ASKO advocate, Shaynna Blaze shares her tips on how to renovate the heart of the home - the kitchen. 


Image via Shaynaa Blaze 

1. The kitchen's purpose 

The first step to a successful kitchen is deciding on how the kitchen will be used. Shaynna explains that "the configuration and space required depends on the different types of functions in the kitchen other than just cooking. Figure out if it will be used as a seating area at the bench, a place for kids to do homework and if it's part of a full open plan living space."  

2. Don't be afraid to push design boundaries

There are so many design and functional options that can be overwhelming when deciding on the kitchen's design, that many homeowners tend to stick with safer options and neutral colours. Shaynna suggests trying to step outside your comfort zone in small stages by incorporating colour in features like the splashback, bespoke handles and a different colour in the island bench to the main cabinetry of the kitchen. 

3. Don't forget functionality and practicality

While it can be fun to pick out design elements like benchtops, splashbacks and cupboard doors, one of the most crucial aspects of any kitchen is its functionality. "The kitchen layout must be practical," says Shaynna. "Allow for the most commonly used appliances - fridge, sink and oven - to be places in the 'work triangle' so that moving between them all is only a couple of steps away." 

4. Location of appliances

Don't forgot to ensure that there are power points, gas and water outlets located where they are needed. Certain appliances also need to be properly vented to ensure that enough air is circulating around them. Check the manufacturers recommendations for the gaps to leave around each appliance. Shaynna also advises to be sure to account for enough space around fridges and ovens so the door can open fully. 

5. Make room for space and storage

Ensure there is enough space for storing kitchen utensils and crockery. "One of the biggest mistakes you can make when designing a new kitchen is not planning for enough storage space," says Shaynna. "Install deep drawers for easy access to pots, pans and bowls, and slimmer drawers for all your cutlery, cups and plates, leaving the larger cupboard doors for all your pantry needs." Don't forget to make use of the upper wall space to install overhead cupboards and use pull-out corner solutions to provide easy access to items stores in the back corners. 

6. Take advantage of natural light 

Natural lighting adds to the illusion of space and works well with modern, open plan living. If you lack windows, you might opt for large skylights with added benefits of ventilation. Maximise natural lighting by keeping window coverings to a minimum and leave blinds and shutters open. If privacy is an issue, Shaynna suggests opting for a translucent window shade that still allows light in. 

7. Update appliances 

Old appliances can contribute to the kitchen looking out-dates, so consider replacing them with models that suit the new design. "Old appliances in a modern kitchen will turn heads for the wrong reasons," says Shaynna. "Coloured appliances can add a splash of colour and contrast, while simple design and neutral colours can add to a timeless look that will last."

8. Bin it

If space allows, plan for a recycling bin in addition to the general waste to make managing rubbish more efficient. "A pull out bin hidden in the cabinetry keeps your kitchen design sleek and keeps the mess out of site." Says Shaynna. 

9. Counter Island

If there are plans to install an island or bench, try and opt for enough overhang to allow for comfortable seating and, with the addition of power, the island turns the area into an instant work station hub," says Shaynna. 

10. Kitchen Sink

Shaynna's list tip is the type of kitchen sink. "Look at styles that have accessories like chopping boards, drainage trays and stainless covers. These help create extra bench space in small areas and the covers let you hide the mess when you are more interested in entertaining." 


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Milan Bathroom Trends

Posted on Wed, September 07, 2016

The team at Caroma recently went to Salone del Mobile in Milan which is the largest trade show of its kind. 

They came back with a wealth of knowledge and have shared what they identify to be the emerging trends in bathroom and kitchen design. 


Image via Boscolo Milano


1. Thinner edges and lines 

Throughout the tradeshow, there was a dramatic increase in the number of manufacturers releasing thin edged basins compared to the last trade show in 2014. New casting techniques allowed for a more traditional vitreous china and fire clay materials to be utilised to product thin edge designs. This trend has been most visibly applied to tapware and accessories where the adoption of stainless steel as a mainstream material lead to many designs produced from plate and thin tube.



2. Textured surfaces and finishes 

Textured surfaces and finishes were the second biggest trend noticed throughout the tradeshow. Timber laminates, both natural and synthetic, which use strong grains were very popular. 

Metallic and concrete taps made an appearance, while engineered stones with strong textures were also being displayed. 

Textured splashbacks (including pressed metal), were evident in kitchens with the inclusion of lighting to assist in achieving a dramatic effect.  


3. Minimalism 

Spaces were seen to be more simplistic with an absence of unnecessary detail, in some cases incorporating the use of exposed supports. While minimalistic, the cold and stark look was not evident and rather, was applied in unique applications such as the integration of basins and sinks to create a seamless, uninterrupted surface appearance. 

Kitchen appliances such as scales, burners and induction elements were embedded into the underside of the stone countertops. 


 4. Organic  

Diversity was celebrated with timber grains and stone veins being featured with minimal processing of the raw material which added individuality to furniture design. 

Stone was not over polished and cracks in the material was not hidden, and was being used as a feature. Taps were seen to be made from pebbles, and shrouded toilets were showcased using a timber as a shroud material. 


5. Storage & Accessories

This trend was the concept of steering away from concealing personal effects, and was replaced with open or modular storage solutions in both bathroom and kitchen designs. This allows the opportunity for colour and personal style to be introduced and displayed through objects and accessories. 

Kitchens featured various degrees of open cabinetry or shelving which created a theatrical feel. Functional features such as dish drying racks, and wine bottle chillers were more visible and were being displayed behind transparent doors. 


6. Stainless Steel

Stainless steel in tapware grew exponentially in popularity because of its lead free properties. As this material is harder to machine than brass and generally available in sheet, plate and pipe formats, it was driving both the design and finish of the products utilizing it. 


7. Colours

The three main colours palettes being used were : 

- Neutrals
- Dusty Romantics (like pale pastel pink and green hues) 
- Moody Royals (rich deep blue, burgundy, brown and green) 

In the bathroom space, the vitreous china colour palette was more restrained, and was more limited to neutral, beige and matte white.

The tapware colour palette was more diverse. Many more metallic colours and surface finishes were being offered alongside the traditional brightly polished chrome, gold and copper.


8. Refinement 

An over-arching observation throughout the show is that the design has become more refined, considered and measured. 

Subtly integration of functionality and detail without adding complexity through components or technology. 

The quality of materials and finishes, as well as an increasing level of details execution in both design and production of kitchen and bathroom products has added a new level of sophistication to these spaces. 

Thank you so much for Caroma for bringing along these fresh tips all the way from Salone del Mobile, Milan 2016


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Smart Bathroom

Posted on Fri, September 02, 2016

At e&s, we love stocking brands that allows your bathroom to be as modern, tech friendly and as chic as you desire. 

We want you to think big, as we show you some of the most forward-thinking and modern bathroom products that we have to offer in the e&s showroom. 

Kohler Moxie Showerhead

Bring music to your shower like never before with the Moxie showerhead wireless Bluetooth speaker. Moxie allows you to wirelessly connect music, news or talk radio with a magnetic speaker in the showerhead. 

With the highest quality sound, the Moxie Shower head is available in both the 5" and 8" depending the size you prefer. The showerhead can be installed as a rain shower or installed off the wall. 


Kaldewei Sound Wave

To continue with the theme of enhancing your bathroom audio experience, we also bring you the Kaldewei Sound Wave bath.

This bath enhances the experience of relaxation by introducing a bath with six sound panels which can be used by connecting up to eight Bluetooth-enabled devices. The bath acts as a sound box to create exceptional sounds with or without water. Indulging in a relaxing bath listening to music via Sound Wave, the sounds are more than audible - they can be gently felt through the bath water. 


Hansgrohe ShowerSelect 

With a touch of a button, Hansgrohe's Shower Select guarantees an easier, more comfortable showering experience.

The ShowerSelect thermostats are equipped with little buttons - so that where you once had to rotate, now you just press: use the Select buttons to switch between different showers, such as the hand or overhead shower. ShowerSelect mixers are ideal for situations where a thermostatic solution is not required. The slender, flat handle enables the user to control the required temperature, with precision – even with soapy hands. The ergonomic and intuitive usability and easy-to-read symbols are ideal for older people, children and those with restricted mobility.




For all these E&S Trading products and more visit your nearest showroom.

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Retro Kitchen Revival

Posted on Wed, August 31, 2016

The October edition of Belle Magazine features some seriously stunning kitchen designs and a range of E&S Trading appliances beautifully complementing each of these renowned designer's projects.

We've picked a few of our favourite kitchens below with designs a throwback to retro interiors of the 70s and 80s. These kitchens all show a common theme of practicality, functionality and concealing as much as possible by incorporating integrated and self-cleaning appliances.

Source: David Flack instagram 
David Flack's 70s-inspired design, with dark timber and marbled benchtops, keeps with the heritage of the home and features E&S Trading Gessi 'Oxygene' tapware.

Source: Belle Magazine instagram 
David Hicks vision was to create a minimalist, functional family kitchen that conceals as much as possible. This is where E&S Trading's Miele fully integrated dishwasher and Miele fully integrated fridge/freezer come into play. Stage right (hiding just out of shot) is our Miele oven and stainless steel gas wok, gas double burner and induction double burner.

Source: KPDO
KPDO brings colour, form and texture to this kitchen design with a nod to interiors from the 70s and 80s. The blue colour scheme certainly offers the wow factor. The E&S Trading Sub-Zero fully integrated ICBBI-30U fridge/freezer is featured in this kitchen.

For all these E&S Trading products and more visit your nearest showroom.

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