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June 23, 2017

What Plants Are Good This Winter?

Cool Cactus. Image via Broadsheet

Winter is a great time of year to ramp up the greenery in our homes. As we spend more time indoors, we can enjoy bringing the outdoors, in!

Whilst plants don’t enjoy the drying effect of our heating, we caught up with Naomi from Cool Cactus to get the top 3 choices for tough plants which will endure the changes in humidity and temperature this winter.

Philodendron Congo

Philodendron Congo:

Bold lush large green leaves create an instant tropical feeling inside.

Monstera Plant


One of everyone’s favourite plants year round, this tough plant is suited to most positions indoors with filtered light. Its sprawling growth habit has a lovely jungalow feeling. Dust leaves with a damp cloth to keep them healthy.

Umbrella Tree

Umbrella tree:

A tough plant with bright green glossy leaves, this is a great option if you are wanting to achieve a tropical look inside with some height as the Umbrella tree grows to around 2m.

Cool Cactus offers a curated selection of plants, pots and decorative pieces. It is a one stop shop for decorating one’s home or workplace and also a destination for gifting with a complimentary gift wrap and potting service in store.

Store owner Naomi loves to source unique items from around the world with new stock arriving regularly to ensure there is always something fresh and exciting to see in store.

Naomi and her team love to help recommend suitable plants and pieces for your space and look forward to your visit in store.

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