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May 29, 2017

What to consider when buying a heater

Winter is almost here and as it’s getting noticeably colder outside. To help break the chill, we’ve put together a guide to help you choose the perfect heater for your home.

Size versus space

There’s a huge selection of heaters on the market to choose from and some are more suitable for certain rooms in your home than others, but one of the first things to consider when buying a new heater is the size of the space you need to heat. There are several factors to consider when choosing a heater, including the climate you live in, the floor area and ceiling height of the room, the amount of natural sunlight and insulation. Choice says “as a general guide, a well-insulated room of 20 square metres will probably need a 2000W electric heater or a gas heater with 6 to 8MJ input. The same room would need more heating if poorly insulated; even a 2400W electric heater could struggle, and you could need at least a 10 to 12MJ gas heater. In cold climates, you’ll need still more heating power.” For a larger space, like a living room, consider an electric panel heater or a reverse-cycle air conditioner, while a fan heater would be well suited to a smaller space like a study.

Photo: Nobo

Electric panel versus reverse-cycle air-conditioning

Electric panel heaters have grown in popularity and are specifically designed for larger spaces, such as living rooms as they create a warm and cosy ambiance. Electric panel heaters can either be mounted to the wall/floor or be freestanding so you can move them through different areas of your home. Panel heaters are also energy efficient and offer temperature precision and thermostat control.

Reverse-cycle air conditioners are installed on a wall inside the home, and unlike split system air conditioners, they don’t require a compressor unit to be installed outside. Reverse-cycles produce both cold and hot air that not only covers a large room but even the adjoining ones. Generally, the latest reverse-cycle air conditioners are equipped with a high-tech inverter system that alters the fan and motor speeds to heat/cool a space faster and more efficiently while maintaining a consistent temperature. Reverse-cycle air-conditioners are also an energy efficient option with lower running costs.

Photo: Nobo

Heating smaller spaces

Fan heaters are a fast, affordable and effective way to heat up an area of a room. Like reverse-cycle air conditioners, they have both a heating and cooling functions. Fan heaters are generally smaller and more portable than other types of heaters, and you can choose models with an oscillating function like Dyson’s Hot+Cool fan heaters, to evenly spread heat in a room. While they don’t offer the same heating power as some of the alternatives, they feature a stylish design and if you ever move, you can take it with you.

To learn more about heaters and what would be the best fit for your home, visit one of our showrooms or check out the e&s website.

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