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March 22, 2017

7 Steps to Get Your Home Market Ready

As one of the biggest assets you own, when it comes to selling your home everyone wants to maximise the value of their property to achieve the best financial outcome possible.

Before you even approach an agent to appraise and list your home for sale there are many ways to maximise your home’s value and increase its likelihood of a speedy sale. Here are seven ways to prep your home to increase your chances of a fortuitous sale.

1. Clean, clean and clean some more
We’re not talking about your quick average Sunday afternoon vacuum here. When preparing your home for market one of the best things you can do is a thorough clean inside and out, so it’s key selling points look their best.

Make sure to dust doorframes, light fittings, stair balustrades, windowsills and wipe clean cupboard shelves, mirrors, windows and door handles. Mop floors, scrub toilets, the bathtub, shower, the stove, oven and the laundry trough. Head outdoors to clean out the garden shed and garage, pressure clean the deck, pavers, windows and roof tiles, and tidy the garden.

2. Showcase storage
It might sound crazy, but the time to start packing for your move is before you even list your home for sale. Storage space is a huge priority for most homebuyers and if they see your cupboards, cabinets and garage bursting at the seams they’ll see a red flag that there isn’t adequate storage in the home. Invest in some home storage tools to cut down clutter and show off the storage areas.

Clean out wardrobes, hallway cupboards, bathroom vanities, kitchen cabinets and garage shelves so they’re half empty to highlight the vast amount of storage space your house has. Pack away and put into storage seasonal clothing, DVDs, books, extra linen, lesser used kitchen appliances and crockery, and anything else you don’t use regularly or won’t be needing for the time being.

3. Make it bright and cheery
Buyers love ‘light and bright’ interiors. So, make sure all your lightbulbs are functional and that any faulty light sockets or blown downlights are repaired to ensure you get as much light in as possible. For any dark corners add in a freestanding lamp or mirror to create more light.

Repainting in a light neutral colour (like beige, light grey or white) can go a long way to making your rooms feel brighter, larger and newly renovated. Take down bulky outdated curtains and replace them with modern window coverings, like simple roller blinds or shutters, to let in more natural light. Also wash windows inside and out to maximise the natural light streaming through.

4.Tackle small DIY projects
We bet you have a long to-do list of little things that need repairing around your house. Maybe it’s a dripping tap, a ripped fly screen, a cracked tile, stained carpet, a sticky window or a squeaky door. Prior to selling is the right time to rectify all these little niggles around your house. These kinds of things stick out to buyers and give the impression that the house is run down and hasn’t been looked after well, ultimately detracting from its value.

5.Avoid major renos

Little upgrades are the best way to go, rather than whole room overhauls, to avoid overcapitalising. Think about it as undertaking several ‘mini renovations’. For example, clean or regrout tiles in wet areas, patch wall and ceiling holes and cracks or sand and polish timber floorboards. Replace door and cabinet handles, missing roof tiles, faucets, showerheads, the toilet seat, and power point and light switch covers. Steam clean tiles, carpets and window furnishings. If your carpet is beyond saving with unsightly stains or wear and tear consider having it replaced entirely.

If there was one area we’d recommend spending a bit more attention and cash on it would be on kitchen design. Replace your tired old range hood, dishwasher, stove top and oven with matching modern stainless steel appliances. If need be paint cabinets, replace the benchtop, sink and tapware, and update the splashback for that freshly renovated look for less. Buyers will love it!

6.First impressions count
Little eye-catching fixes and additions can go a long way to attracting and impressing buyers when they view your home. Paint the front door in a cheery colour, add a front porch swing or small table setting, introduce pot plants and flowers and a new plush door mat to boost your home’s external personality. Little charming features like these can make buyers fall in love with your place at first sight.

There are also several practical front garden jobs you can tackle yourself to enhance your kerb appeal. Don’t forget to mow the lawn, trim shrubs, weed garden beds, repair or replace the security door, clean out gutters, clean window shutters and pressure clean your pathway pavers and driveway before taking advertising photography. Go that step further and repaint the exterior of your house, replace the front gate, garage door or fencing if needed.

7. Simple styling
When it comes to styling your home, remember less is more. Put away the family photos, knick knacks, collectables and all general clutter (i.e. magazines, mail, CDs, toys etc.). Removing clutter will make every room in your home feel bigger and allow the house to really shine. A vase of fresh flowers, scented candles, a hallway runner and throw cushions can go a long way to making a home welcoming and homely.

If you aren’t confident styling your house your agent may be able to refer you to a professional home stager to do the job for you. They can help you declutter, hire and rearrange furniture to maximise space, and make sure your home looks its best for photography and inspections.

We hope these tips help put you on the path to a rewarding and quick sale of your home.

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