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May 5, 2017

A property expert’s tips on how to prepare your home for sale

When selling your property, the presentation can be a deal breaker and have a large impact on the auction result. We spoke to property expert and co-founder of WBP Property Group, Greville Pabst, who has over 30 years’ experience in the industry and is also a regular mentor, advocate and judge on The Block. Here he gives his top ten tips of quick improvements that will prepare your home for a successful sale.

If you want to make quick and affordable updates to your home, the planning is an important starting point to make sure you spend the money on the improvements that will add most “perceived value” to your property and with the least expense.

First impressions matters. e&s photoshoot. Photo: Martina Gemmola

Greville says that any improvements should be immediately noticeable and it can be anything from improving the street appeal or light within the home. “As a general rule vendors should spend about 8 per cent of the expected sale price on making the home marketable, including landscaping,” he says.

For an open house inspection, Greville highlights the importance of keeping a clean feel throughout the home by removing clutter. “In the kitchen remove magnets and photos from the fridge. When it comes to robes, pack up your shoes into boxes and store in the garage. For people buying, they want to feel a sense of space and not feel claustrophobic. Doing all of these things could add up to an extra $5000 on the median house price”, he says.

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Here are Greville’s top tips on quick and affordable home improvements:

1. High pressure clean: Clean the driveway and outdoor areas with a high-pressure hose. Ask to borrow one from a friend or hire one at a low cost. While you’ve got it, save yourself from repainting the house by doing a quick clean of the front of the house.

2. Update the letterbox: One of the first things potential buyers sees when walking up to a home is the letterbox. Make sure it is not a tired old one they see but a new, modern one with street numbers.

3. Landscaping improvements: Tidy up the front fence, cut back any overgrowth and trim up the garden by removing all excess foliage and weeds. Make sure your lawn is presentable, spread some seeds to get rid of patches and make it green and lush.

Featuring lights in the kitchen can make a huge impact. e&s photoshoot. Photo: Nikole Ramsay

4. Add more light: Improving the lighting makes rooms look bigger and gives a cleaner, fresher look. If you are able to add sunlight in darker areas like attic type areas or hallways – go for it.

5. Replace light fixtures and add feature lighting: Replace old light fittings with modern alternatives for an immediate update. An idea is also to add feature lightning that creates an impact in the kitchen, hallway or bedroom.

6. Whiten grout between tiles in bathrooms or update your bath: A bathroom change might sound like an expensive update, but there are cheaper DIY products you can buy to whiten the grout in your bathrooms. If you have a freestanding bath, perhaps you look at updating it or making sure your current bath is looking clean and bright.

Product: Kohler Chalice Round Vessel Basin. e&s photoshoot. Photo: Nikole Ramsay

7. Refresh or replace all doors: First impressions matter so make sure the front door is well presented. Everyone wants an impressive entrance; a fresh coat of paint or new door handle can make a huge difference.

8. Replace out-dated fixtures: Take a look at doorknobs and handles throughout the house and give them a quick and easy facelift.

9. Replace old yellowing electrical covers: Other little things not to forget are the power points. Give them a bright new cover and throw out the yellow greasy ones.

10. Fresh curtains and blinds: Blinds and curtains can be relatively inexpensive and can be an easy DIY job that will give the home a fresh look.

Based on tips from WBP Property Group.

If you’re looking to make updates to your home prior to sale, visit the e&s website or your nearest showroom for inspiration.

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