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July 16, 2018

Creating A Stylish Family Kitchen - Designer Insight

So the saying goes, the kitchen is the heart of your home – the gathering place for family, friends, guests and acquaintances. A room where you really can unleash your personal aesthetic and let your particular tastes shine through.  With a little help from a professional kitchen designer, your space can be transformed into something that truly sings your personality.

Today we speak to designer Marzena from Mint Kitchens about their latest project.  A stunning kitchen, living and dining renovation located in Moonee Ponds.  This home gives some insight into the renovation process and how working with a professional designer can work wonders, even if you already have a good idea about what you want.

Can you describe the homeowners and what was their vision?

The owners are a professional couple with a young daughter.  They had been living in their Moonee Ponds home for over 3 years and were ready to make it their own.  The couple both have a very strong sense of style and a good idea of how they wanted their home to look.  The client was of European heritage which came through clearly in the result, with the striking wallpaper giving a European flare to the aesthetic of the home.

What was the original kitchen like before renovation?

Before renovation, the kitchen cabinets were a dark timber combined with a dark red splashback and even with the skylights, the space felt obstructed and enclosed with a weight-bearing wall blocking off the view to the living area.  The clients wanted to open up the space, flood the area with light and remove the wall so they could keep an eye on their young daughter while preparing meals. Most importantly they wanted to incorporate their own sense of style and make the space their own.

What specific design details were implemented?

One of the most outstanding features of kitchen is the steel frame.  In fact, the owner, who has an engineering background, came up with the idea of a frame to replace the wall.  We recommended designing  shelves within the frame, allowing some leafy potted plants on the shelves to help soften the frame.

The selection of marble tiles for the splashback intentionally tiled all the way to the ceiling was a meticulous design decision.  The grey marble tiles had to tie the strong and contrasting colours together without clashing with the clean, white, marble-look Quantum Quartz of the benchtops.

A major goal for the renovation was to create space and light in the area so we designed a big open space within the kitchen and in the surrounding living areas. Using minimal cabinets to keep the kitchen spacious and uncluttered was also very important.  The two skylights also presented a challenge as the design had to work around the skylights to create balance in the area.

How long did the renovation take?

From start to finish and including the re-polishing of the floorboards, the team were on site for around 6-7 weeks.


Designer’s statement

This project was very much a collaboration between with clients and I.  They had done a lot of research online and knew the look they wanted to create.  It’s a pleasure working with clients like these as they are so knowledgeable about their options and tend to be more open minded to suggestions.  I use my experience to advise them about what will work and what doesn’t, but ultimately, the final decisions were theirs as it was very much their project rather than mine. 

Client’s statement

We are absolutely ecstatic with what they created for us.  Marzena understood what we wanted and also helped us realise a few things that would create an even better kitchen.  They really took our vision and made it a reality.  We are very aesthetic, particular people, and we are just thrilled with what they created.  It is perfect!

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Bio: Mint Kitchens are a family-run business in Melbourne, with more than 30 years of renovation experience. They specialise in creating custom made kitchens and bathrooms that are as unique to their clients.

 Photography Credit, May Photography

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