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October 6, 2017

Lift Your Expectations with Electrolux ComfortLift™

Combining outstanding cleaning and ultimate comfort, Electrolux dishwashers make after-meal cleaning a breeze. No matter what you put in your dishwasher – from the largest, dirtiest pans to your most delicate glassware – ComfortLift™ now makes loading so much more comfortable and will deliver sparkling results every time.

Loading Made Easy

The world’s first ComfortLift™ dishwasher transforms the everyday experience of loading and unloading your machine. It’s the first dishwasher to give you easier access to all your dishes, as the unique mechanism lets you gently lift the lower basket up towards you, making the clean up effortless.

Naturally Inspired Drying

Now you can ensure your dishes are completely dry when you go to put them away. Our new AirDry technology opens the door by 10cm in the last part of the cycle until you’re ready to unload. A natural way to get maximum drying performance while effectively reducing your energy costs.


RealLife XXL Wash System

With 25% more capacity than an average dishwasher, RealLife® can accommodate even your most unusually shaped dishes. Enjoy complete cooking freedom using whichever utensils, pots and serving platters suit your culinary creativity knowing everything is loaded into RealLife® will be cared for.

SoftGrip & SoftSpikes

Say goodbye to hand washing your delicate glasses, with our clever SoftGrip wine glass holders, which keep glasses tightly but firmly in place throughout the full cycle.

FlexiSpray Arm: All Corners Reached

Achieve outstanding results with our FlexiSpray arm and five spray levels. Unlike traditional spray arms, ours moves in multiple different ways, reaching even the most crowded area to get all of your items impeccably clean, no matter how they are loaded.

Light Beam on floor Indicator

Always know just how long is left of your dishwasher’s cycle. The Light Beam shows the status, as well as the time remaining, using an illuminated spot on the floor. So you can effortlessly plan your day around your dishes.

Curious to find out more? We don’t blame you.

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