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March 2, 2018

Miele brings the power of steam.

Now more than ever, we are learning about the power of steam cooking and the benefits that it has to improve the way you and your family prepare their meals.

With a Miele Steam Ovens, you can prepare fresh food in a way that is gentle on your food. Cooking with steam, not only retains the intense, natural food flavours, but also, as much as possible, valuable vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Scientific research endorses the obvious benefits of steam cooking compared to traditional cooking methods.

Miele’s range of Steam Ovens come in both an in-built and benchtop oven and provides ample features to ensure the versatility of your Miele Steam Oven.

Benefits of a Miele Steam Oven: 

  • MultiSteam – Success guarantees: fast and even distribution of steam in the cabinet and around cooking containers.
  • Simple Cleaning – No limescale thanks to external steam generation.
  • Large Cooking Compartment & large tray size: Using the entire depth: it’s easy to cook large quantities.
  • Health Benefits: Steam-cooked vegetables retain 50% more vitamins than those boiled in water.

Learn more about the power of Miele Steam.

To ensure that our staff can provide as much knowledge as possible, Miele has provided our staff at our Chadstone & Blackburn showrooms with benchtop steam ovens to our staff to take home and experience for themselves. This means that when our staff are talking about Miele Steam Ovens, they aren’t telling you about what they have been taught, but about what they have experience.

Come in-store and find out more about Miele Steam Ovens today.

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