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September 18, 2017

Our highlights from IFA, 2017.

Earlier this month, a group from e&s flew to Berlin, to attend the world’s leading trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances.

Viewing the latest and greatest in home appliances, the Joint-Managing Director of e&s, Rob Sinclair reports on his key highlights from the fair.

Miele Breaking Waves with their new oven.

One of Australia’s favourite brands, Miele is taking the science of cooking to a whole new level.  Demonstrated at IFA, the Miele Dialog Oven uses electromagnetic waves and conventional heating. Miele claims that the Dialog Oven can achieve better cooking results and shorter cooking times, compared to conventional cooking appliances.

The oven also works with an app which not only allows you to search through recipes but will send instructions to the oven via WiFi.

Wondering how this all works? In the Dialog Oven, there are two antennas located at the top of the oven which emit electromagnetic waves in a range of frequencies. These waves communicate with the texture of the food and adjusts accordingly. Simultaneously, the antennas measure how much energy the food has absorbed so that they know when the food has been cooked. All of this is done in combination with heating element based operating modes, which as previously mentioned results in a faster, more gentle and more effective cooking.

“What happens, is because it cooks so gently and respectfully, the food doesn’t continue to cook when you take it out of the oven”.  says Joint-Manging Director of e&s, Rob Sinclair.

During the cooking demonstration at IFA, a raw leg of lamb was placed into the Dialog Oven on a bed of vegetables, together with some potato wedges. After around 45 minutes, everything was cooked to perfection, without any manual intervention. Another example of showcasing the ability of the Dialog Oven was placing a raw piece of fish inside a block of ice, and then inside the Dialog Oven to cook. It was amazing to see that while the fish was cooking (see image below), the ice block stayed perfectly intact.

This latest Miele technology also reduces the cooking time. “A roast chicken which would normally take 1:15 – 1:20 minutes, would now be 25 – 30 minutes.” – Sinclair says.

Placing the ice block in the oven.

AEG releases Blast Chillers

“We’ve all seen our friends at Master Chef use Blast Chillers in commercial kitchens. The ability to bring food down a temperature really fast is important to maintain the quality and texture of your food.” – Rob explains.

AEG released a 45cm Blast Chiller (KBK994519M) which takes fresh ingredients and cooked dishes from 70°c to 3°c in 90 minutes. Food can remain fresh in the fridge and freezer for longer. Preventing bacteria growth, promoting good hygiene and freeing up space in your kitchen.  “When you combine this, in my opinion with a vacuum-sealing drawer and a steam oven which has a sous-vide function, you’ll be able to have a commercial-like kitchen in your home. With the AEG Blast Chillers, you will be able to have full control over every cooking process in your kitchen.”

“To me, the AEG Blast Chiller is the final piece which completes the Master Chef dream”. Rob Sinclair.

NB: This has been released in Europe and is not currently available in the Australia.

Learning more about the AEG Blast Chiller.

Check In On Your Food with Electrolux

Ever wanted to check the process of your food without opening the oven door? With Electrolux, you can download an app on your phone which allows you to access cameras behind the oven door to give you a birds-eye view of your meal. The app also allows you turn on your oven remotely. Another great feature is that the app will tell you according to which recipe, which shelf to put your meal on, and at what temperature.

NB: This product will be coming to Australia late 2018.

View the progress of your meal with Electrolux

Who says your freezer has to freeze?

Available exclusive to e&s, New Zealand favourites Fisher & Paykel have released a new columns fridge. Alongside features such as; an internal ice maker, a left or right-hand side hinge, cantilevered shelves and easy to access touch control panels, this fridge will allow you to have the choice of timber or stainless steel door panel finishes.

The strongest feature is the multiple temperature controls is the option of wine mode, pantry mode, fridge mode or chill mode in the fridge, or soft freeze mode, freezer mode, or deep freeze mode in the freezer.

“The key here is, that you’ll be able to get a quality product, which is backed by the Fisher & Paykel national service.” – Sinclair states.


Joint-Managing Director, Rob Sinclair in front of Fisher & Paykel’s newest fridge.

Discover the best of Dishwashers with ASKO

“ASKO’s new range of dishwashers is some of the best build quality which I have ever seen in a dishwasher”- Sinclair says. “It is so structurally sound that you couldn’t twist the actual dishwasher door itself. ASKO are really demonstrating their desire to have the finest quality finishes on the market.”

Arriving to e&s next year, stay tuned for more information.

ASKO’s New Range of Dishwashers.

We’re excited to see all these appliances hit our shores…and stores 🙂

Stay tuned to find out more information.

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