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December 19, 2016

Find out more about Pyrolytic Ovens with Miele's Home Economist

Have you heard about Pyrolytic Ovens but not too sure what it all means?

We recently caught up with Miele Home Economist, Loughlin Hunter to find out more about Miele’s Pyrolytic Ovens.

Image: Loughlin Hunter via Border Mail

e&s: Tell us about about your background and what has lead you to become a Home Economist at Miele?

LH: I am a qualified chef, and have been cooking in restaurants since I was 14 years old.
During my apprenticeship I was fortunate to win ‘Apprentice of the Year’ and the Oliver C Shaul Scholarship, which funded me to work in London at a Michelin starred restaurant for 4 months before returning home to Australia. Upon my return to Australia, even though I was in talks with numerous restaurants, the position of Home Economist at Miele appealed to me the most as not only was I able to work with such sophisticated appliances, I was also able to do some work alongside Miele’s ambassadors such as Shannon Bennett and Maggie Beer.

e&s: Miele offers a range of pyrolytic ovens. Can you tell us the differences between them?

LH: In Miele’s 6000 series,there are five pyrolytic ovens which, in certain models, includes innovative functions like ‘Moisture Plus’. Different models have various functionality options across the different ovens which can accommodate for just about every consumer.

Image: H2661 BP Pyrolytic Oven & DG6010 Benchtop Steam Oven

e&s: What is the process of pyrolysis?
LH: During a pyrolytic, the oven reaches a temperature of 430°c. The oven has three soilage settings, and depending on which setting has been selected, the oven will hold at that temp for a longer duration. Any debris inside the cavity of the oven will be burnt to a fine ash and at the end of the process, it is as simple as wiping out the oven at the end of the process once the oven has cooled down, to remove any of the fine ash that’s been created from the process. In the 6000 series ovens, both the oven racks and side rails of the ovens are safe to leave in during the process thanks to a pyrofit surface on the metal.

e&s: What is your favourite part of having a pyrolytic oven?
LH: The best part about having a pyrolytic oven is knowing that I can have a perfectly clean oven a few hours after pressing a button. Cleaning ovens is not the funnest job, so having a function that does it for you, in my opinion, is one of the best innovations to happen in a kitchen.

e&s: What are the running costs of a pyrolytic oven?
LH: There are too many variables to state the running costs, such as the length of the process, and the different electricity rates that households will have. One thing for certain though is that it will be cheaper than buying oven cleaner and there is no manual labor involved.

e&s: Does a pyrolytic oven operate any differently to a conventional oven?
LH: Operationally a pyrolytic oven, and convention oven run the same. Both ovens have approximately ten functions, and the only difference with the pyrolytic ovens is the added self cleaning with the pyrolytic process.

e&s: What is your favourite Miele product on the market and why?
LH: Personally I am a huge fan of the Miele Combi-Steam Ovens as they are essentially three appliances in one, which gives the user the maximum flexibility and control. I am also a fan of Miele’s new Vacuum-Sealing Drawer, which allows me to embrace the sous-vide sytle of cooking.

e&s: Coming from a background in commercial kitchens, what are some tips you have about keeping your kitchen clean?

In my kitchen I use heaps of paper towels, chux, and Chinese take-away containers. I go through so many paper towels, but I love the fact that I can clean as I go and throw them out when necessary. With the containers I like them best because they stack nicely and don’t take up too much room on the bench so are great for cleaning.

Find out more about about the Miele Pyrolytic Ovens at your local e&s showroom.

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