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March 15, 2017

Interior Designer Romy Alwill's trends for autumn

While it’s hard to say goodbye to the warm summer sun and longer days, one thing that excites us is the new trends that a change of season brings. We had a chat to interior expert and e&s ambassador Romy Alwill who shared some of the colours, textures fittings and appliances that we’ll see this autumn.

Ebony and ivory

“Black and white is trending in the kitchen in the form of tuxedo styling – where your benchtops and upper cabinets are white, and everything below the bench is black. Think Cadbury’s Top Deck,” Romy says. But if this is a level of commitment you’re not quite ready for, black and white tapware and finishes are still all the rage. Coloured tapware in general is still in vogue, too – Zip have just released their new premium range of Hydrotaps in finishes including rose gold and brushed nickel.

Product: Fisher & Paykel French Door Fridge Image: e&s photoshoot. Photographer: Martina Gemmola Styling: Paige Anderson

Subdued colours

It’s not so much about bright and bold this season, it’s about faded, muted tones. ”Salmon pink and terracotta are still pretty popular,” says Romy. “Also teal blues, those slightly murky colours where there’s an earthiness to the colours – the rusty reds, the terracottas, certainly not lolly or jewel colours”, she continues. This echoes the Dulux Colour Forecast for 2017, which names the four main palettes as Sentience (think soft neutrals in shades such like mushroom and eggshell, and barely-there pastels – the subtlest of baby pinks and blues), Chroma, (the most colourful of the lot, referenced by Memphis and Bauhaus design movements and showcasing saturated hues of peach, watermelon, teal and yellow), Construct (dark inky blues and more than fifty shades of grey) and Entwine (rich, burnt reds and earthy tones).

Product: Oliveri Double Inset Sink Image: e&s photoshoot. Photographer: Nikole Ramsay Styling: Michelle Hart, Bask Interiors

What’s in is out

As Australians, we spend more time outdoors than most, and as technology improves, so too does the quality of our alfresco furniture. “Companies are working out better ways to make it feel and look like indoor furniture rather than outdoor furniture, taking it away from metals and timbers and getting more experimental with upholstery,” says Romy. “Lovely rope details and woven textures are still really popular, I think, and are moving more into the outdoor space.”

Product: Beef Eater BBQ Image: e&s photoshoot. Photographer: Nikole Ramsay Styling: Michelle Hart, Bask Interiors

Laundry chic

As we move into the cooler months, you can expect to spend less time out at the washing line and more time in your laundry. If you’re renovating, you might want to keep Romy’s tips in mind. “Bench space is a great asset in a laundry, and floor-mounted dryers allow for that,” she says. Also: “taps with hoses on them make the laundry a great space for filling vases,” and lastly, “it’s always nice to use a fun tile in the laundry splashback for a bit of silver lining. Follow tile trends of hand-made glazes and geometric shapes.”

Product: Miele washing machine Image: e&s photoshoot. Photographer: Nikole Ramsay Styling: Michelle Hart, Bask Interiors

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